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Workshops/Festivals 2011: (UK) 2011 Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music (13-21 May 2011) -- Reflections by Lindsay Kemp

Contributed by Admin on Sep 25, 2011 - 11:00 PM

Lindsay Kemp reflects on the 2011 Festival:

The Lufthansa Festival can go by in a bit of a blur, it has to be admitted. We spend a year getting ready for those eight busy days, and by the time they come around I'm already having to think hard about what to put on next year.

Sometimes I have to stop and check whether we're in 2011 or 2012! But quickly though it passed, I have some treasurable memories of this year's Festival - the kind that give you a warm glow when you think about them afterwards.

To have Philippe Herreweghe and the Collegium Vocale Gent open the week with such a wise and beautifully judged performance of Bach's B minor Mass, for example, was an experience both rich and inspiring, as was the Sunday-afternoon recital given by that great harpsichordist Gustav Leonhardt in a packed St Gabriel's Pimlico. There was a noticeably large contingent of harpsichordists in the audience for that one - in fact I've never seen so many in one place -  …“

Visit the 2011 Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music [2] website to read more of Lindsay Kemp’s reflections of the festival. You will also find details of next year’s festival as well as sign-up to the wonderful and informative newsletter.


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