Books/Manuscript: (DE) "Bach and the “Snake-Fire-Sprayers” - Fire-Fighting Regulations and Equipment During Bach’s Time in Leipzig"

Contributed by Admin on Sep 29, 2011

Commentary and Translation by Thomas Braatz

“One might rightfully ask how this topic will enhance our understanding of Bach’s life and music. For this I do not have a reasonable answer. Perhaps this topic was selected out of frustration that other digitized scholarly sources like the 1733 revision of the Schulordnung for the Leipzig Thomasschule are not available online.

A comparison with the original 1723 source might yield a few new insights that could pertain directly to Bach’s duties and activities in the Thomasschule as well as the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. …”

Well worth the read and adds to our understanding of the practices of the Bach-era. (ed.)

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