Workshops/Festivals 2011

Workshops/Festivals 2011: (UK) Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF) (21 oct - 6 nov 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Sep 30, 2011

“The theme of 'Dance' has provided us with the perfect follow on the last year's 'Ritual'. It again allow us to look into the very origins of music and its place in human culture from the dawn of civilisation. Music and dance have always been intimately bound together -- each influencing the other -- throughout human history, and dance can be the physical expression of how music makes us feel, as well as being an integral part of how we have always enjoyed ourselves.

Quite apart from music that actually accompanies dance, or grew from dance forms, the spirit of dance is at the heart of more music than we perhaps imagine. In this year's festival we will be kindling that spirit in the flowing and ecstatic lines of chants by Hildegard of Bingen, in the thrilling dance of interweaving notes in great polyphonic work like Thomas Tallis's forty-part motet Spem in alimum, and in solo arias by Bach and Handel.” ...

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