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News 2011: (UK) Scottish Lute and Early Guitar Society - Inaugural meeting of October 1, 2011

Contributed by Admin on Oct 06, 2011

“The first meeting took place in the Laigh Room at St Cecilia’s Hall, and seems to have been a success, with all participants wishing to do more of the same in the future.“

About the society:

“The Society exists principally to get Scottish-based lute and early guitar players together to play to and with each other. All standards from complete beginner to professional will be encouraged to take part. This is a ‘safe place’ to try out that new piece you have been working on, ask questions, share info, etc.

Future meetings will include presentations, workshops and concerts. But the main aim is to get players together.

We meet at St Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh, itself a wonderful museum dedicated to lutes, guitars and keyboards.

Interested in joining? All you have to do is turn up. The next meeting will POSSIBLY be on Saturday 7 January – to be confirmed.

Email Rob MacKillop for more info:”

Visit the Scottish Lute and Early Guitar Society website for more information.