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Books/Manuscript: (NL) MUZIEKHANDEL SAUL B. GROEN: New Publications Available (Jul-Sep 2011)

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From MUZIEKHANDEL SAUL B. GROEN, many new titles available on their catalogues:

MUSIC & LITERATURE July - September  2011

NB: in each section the music has been listed in chronological order

Kerll, J.C.  11 Organ works from the Neresheim organ book, c.1670, wrongly attributed to J.C. Kerll and 2 pieces by by J.B. Moggi and L. Haydt
Fasolo, G.B. "Annuale", 1645: 56 organ works: hymns, masses, magnificats, ricercars,canzonas, fugues; complete edition; set of 5 volumes
Lübeck, V. Complete organ works; ed. Harald Vogel  …


Buxtehude, D. Collected Works, vol. 16: Organ Chorales BuxWV 177-224 and Anh. 11; critical ed. by M. Belotti; set of 2 hardback volumes
Händel, G.F. 12 Fantasias (no. 1: HWV 577; nos.2-12: HWV 2-12); 1st ed. of 2nd version
collection "Organum Italicum",  vol. IV: Central Italy (scuole Toscana, Marchigiana & Romana):  25 works; ed. Mancinanti / Tasini
Gerber, N. 12 Inventiones fúr das Clavier; ed. from his autograhps in Köln and Princeton
Bach, C.Ph.E. 3 Harpsichord concertos Wq 28, 29 and 30; full score; hardback
Hertel, J.W. Concerto in D for harp or harpsichord solo, 2 horns, strings; score; 1st edition
Rigel, H.J. 6 Harpsichord sonatas op. 8   (c.1773)
Croce, G. 6 Sonatas for harpsichord   (c.1769)
Zinck, H.O.C. 6 Clavier-Sonaten (1783); ed. by Chr. Hogwood
Zinck, H.O.C. Clavier-Sonaten no. VII-XII; ed. by Chr. Hogwood
Zinck, H.O.C. Variations & Miscellaneous Pieces; ed. by Chr. Hogwood
Schubart, C.F.D. "Für vier Hände": sonata for clavier 4 hands (1783)
Neefe, Ch.G. "Concerto pour le clavecin", in G; harpsich. solo, 2 ob, 2 hn, strings, bc; score
Skrjabin, A. Complete piano sonatas, vol. I: op. 6, 19, 23, in g#, in eb & 2 fragments

manuscript The Schwerin Lute Book (D-SWl 641) of c.1650, containing 86 pieces for 11-course lute; facsimile of the ms., introd. and concordances; set of 2 vols.

collection 4 Hanseatic sonatas for bass viol, bc by Baudringen, Radeck, Buxtehude, anon.
Tibaldi, G.B. 12 Trio sonatas op. 2 for 2 violins, bc (1704); score & parts; set of 2 volumes
Albertini / Finger Albertini's first violin sonata (1682), arr. by G. Finger for vdg and bc  (RI 147)
Hardt, J.D. 3 Sonatinas for viola da gamba and bc or for 2 vdg from Rostock; 2 scores
Bach, C.Ph.E. 10 Trios Wq 71-80 for violin and  obl. harpsichord; score; hardback
Krebs, J.L. 4 Sonatas for violin and bc: Krebs-WV 308, 309, 311, 313; first edition
Janitsch, J.A. 7 Darmstadt Sinfonias for 2 violins, viola, bass; score
Tomasini, L. Trio in Bb for 2 violins and cello; score and parts
Rolla, A. Studies for viola & 2 Arpeggios for viola and violin
Pleyel, I.J. Trio in A  Benton 448 for violin, cello and piano (incl. vars. on Scottish air)
Jadin, H. 12 String Quartets op. 1, 2, 3 and 4; critical edition in score
Eberl, A. Grand duo in A op.26 (1804) for piano and cello; ed. C. Hogwood
Eberl, A. Grand duo in A op.26 (1804) for piano and cello; ed. R. Scherp

Nicolai, J.M. Sonata a4 in C  for 2 violins, viola da gamba, obl. bassoon, bc; first edition
Campra, A. All instrumental movements from "L'Europe galante"; score
Hotteterre, J.M. "L'art de préluder / Die Kunst des Präludierens"; mod. ed. with German transl.
Credelius, J.Ch. Sonata in E for flute, viola da gamba and bc; score and parts
Rosier, Ch. 2 Sonatas with themes from Purcell's "Fairy Queen" for treble recorder and bc
Williams, W. Sonatas nos. 2 and 4 for 2 treble recorders and bc
Riepel, J. Concerto pastorale for clarinet, bassoon, orchestra (c.1775); ed. soli +
Müller, A.E. Flute concerto in e op. 19 (1800); full score
Eberl, A. Sonata in g for flute and piano (1805)
Beethoven, L. van Symphony no. 5. Facsimile of the 23 partbooks of the first Leizpig edition

manuscript Chansonnier of Françoise de Foix, ca. 1520; 31 chansons a3; set of 3 scores
collection "Liederbuch von Arnt von Aich" (1519): 75 German songs a4 by several composers (many anon. and many unica); mod. ed. in score; list of concordances
Othmayr, C. 32 "Bicinia sacra" (1547); critical ed. by M. De Cillis
Du Caurroy, E. "Meslanges de la musique" (1610): 63 psalms, chansons, noëls and "vers mesurés" a4-a7; complete edition by M.-A. Colin; incl. introd. and crit. comm.
Caccini, Francesca "Il primo libro delle musiche" (36 sacr. & sec. monod. & duets); facs. 1618 ed.
Rigatti, G.A. In te Domine, speravi; SSB, bc; ed. S. Hanks
Kindermann, J.E. "Ich will singen von der Gnade des Herren ewiglich" (ps.89; 1654) for SATB (soli / tutti), 3 cornetts, 3 trombones, strings, bc; score, instr. parts & 4 voc. sc.
Rosenmüller, J. New critical edition of the complete works; volumes at the moment available:
                              vol. 8:   Vesper Psalms, part 1: Dixit Dominus I - IV
                              vol. 11: Vesper Psalms, part 4:  Laudate pueri I - V
                              vol. 13: Vesper Psalms, part 6:  Dilexi; Laudate dom. I-II;
                                           Dominum cum tribul.
Campra, A. Confitebor tibi Domine; soli, choir, orchestra; score
Campra, A. Cum invocarem (ps. 4); soli, choir, orchestra; score
Campra, A. Dixit Dominus (ps. 125) attr. to Campra; soli, choir, orchestra; score
Campra, A. In convertende  (ps. 125); soli, choir, orchestra; score
Campra, A. Regina coeli; soli, choir, orchestra; score
Charpentier, M.-A. Litanies de la  Vierge  H.86; SSB, bc; ed. S. Hanks
Liebhold "Aller Trost und Seligheit ist in Christuo mir bereit"; soli, choir, orchestra; socre
Liebhold "Woher nehmen wir Brot"; SATB (soli & tutti), 2 oboes, strings, bc; score
Polani, G. (fl 1685-1755): 6 Chamber cantatas for high voice and bc
Caldara, A. Ave maris stella; soprano, alto, 2 violins, bc; score
Bononcini, G. 8 Cantate a Clori (4 for S and bc; 4 for A and bc)
Silvani, G.A. 3 Lamenti op. 13  (1725) for high voice and bc
Sammartini, G. 9 Solo cantatas (6 for S, bc; 3 for S, 2 violins, bc)
Kellner, J.Ch. "Himmel, freue dich"; Advent cantata for STB, choir, strings, bc; score
Kellner, J.Ch. "Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe"; Christmas cantata; SB, choir, horns, strings; score
Bach, C.Ph.E. St. Luke Passion  (1775)  H 788; full score; hardback
Schreiber, J.E. 23 Marian Arias op. 1 (1747) for 1 and 2 voices, 2 violins, viola, bc; score
Soler, A. Musica religiosa, III: 2 Masses for soli, 2 choirs, orchestra; full score
Soler, A. Musica religiosa, V: 3 Requiem masses for 2 choirs and bc
Soler, A. Musica religiosa, VI: 3 Misas de Gloria
Spohr, L. New critical edition of all his solo songs and duets in 12 volumes:
                 vol. 1:   6 Lieder op. 25; 6 Lieder op. 37
                 vol. 2:   6 Lieder op. 41; 6 Lieder op. 72
                 vol. 3:   6 Lieder op. 101 (some with pf. duet accomp.); 6 Lieder op. 105
                 vol. 4:   An Sie am Clavier op. 138; 5 Lieder op. 139
                 vol. 5:   Songs for low voice: 6 Lieder op. 94; Das Wirthshaus WoO 93
                 vol. 6:   6 Lieder for soprano, clarinet, pf
                 vol. 7:  6 Gesänge op. 154 for baritone, violin, pf
                 vol. 8:   3 Duets op. 107 (ST); 3 duets op. 108 (SS)
                 vol. 9:   6 Duets:  ST:  WoO 98; SS:  WoO 116, 117/1-3; SA:  WoO 120
                 vol. 10: Lieder with accomp. pf. 4 hands: WoO 80, 97, 102, 103, 139, 139a
                 vol. 11: Single songs:  WoO:  90-92, 99-101, 104-106, 108-112
                 vol. 12: Single songs:  WoO:  113-115, 118, 119, 121-127
Rossini, G. Arie da camera: 18 chamber arias for high voice and piano

Leifhelm, P.-H. "Moritz Landgraf von Hessen (1572-1632): Das Moritz-Werkverzeichnis"
symposium "Händel in Rom" (symposium 2007): 22 contributions in Germ., Engl. and Ital.
Velzen, J. van "Clara Schumann & J. Brahms; biografie van een muzikale vriendschap", dl.2

Instruments     Interpretation
Ceulemans, A.-E. "De la vièle du Moyen Âge au violon du XVIIe siècle: étude terminologique, iconographique et théorique"  (incl. 75 colour illustrations)
Schlegel / Lüdtke "Dei Laute in Europa / The Lute in Europe"; rev. and enlarged ed. (447 p.); on lutes, guitars, mandolins and citterns
Morgan, F. The Recorder Collection of Frans Brüggen; drawings by F. Morgan; reprinted
Ehrhardt, M. "Improvisation mit Ostinatobässen ais dem 16. bis 18. Jh." (book + 2 CDs)
Frei, C. "L'Arco sonoro: Articulation et ornementation: les différentes pratiques d'exécution pour violon en Italie au XVIIe siècle"
Ahrens, C.  e.a. "Von Mozart bis Chopin. Das Fortepiano 1770-1850" (symp. Herne 2007)
Rasch, R. (ed.) Beyond notes: improvisation in Western music of the 18th and 19th centuries
Ramann, L. "Liszt Pädagogium. Composizioni pianistiche di Franz Liszt con varianti, aggiunte e cadenze tratte dall' insegnamento del maestro e notate da Lina Ramann";  ed. and Ital. translation by R. Dalmonte
Sparnaay, H. The bass clarinet; a personal history  (book + CD)

History     Theory
Wind, Th. Jacob van Eyck and the others: Dutch solo repertoire for recorder in the Golden Age (750 pp.; hardback)
Neidhardt, J.G. "Beste und leichteste Temperatur des Monochordi"; facsimile of the edition Jena 1706; introduction by R. Rasch
Schouten, F. "De zangkunst van Johannes Martinus Messchaert (1857-1922)"

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