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News 2011: (UK) Cambridge University Press: Why Excavate? (Selections From the Archaeological Dialogues Editors)

Contributed by Admin on Nov 11, 2011

(Although not directly related to early music, perhaps of interest of early music research.)

“Examine this fundamental question with four free articles selected by the Archaeological Dialogues Editors.

Dear Colleague,
Excavation is at the heart of archaeology. In the minds of the general public, archaeology is synonymous with excavation and is defined by its dominant method of evidence collection and the generation of data.

And yet most archaeologists accept that excavation is only a part of what they do. A plethora of other methods for data collection now exist. Importantly there exists a large amount of primary data and site reports that have not yet been analysed. …”

Visit the  Archaeological Dialogues newsletter page to read the full introduction on the values of site excavation as presented by Becky Roberts (Cambridge Journals). Four additional articles are offered as balancing arguments for or against excavating.