Workshops/Festivals 2008

Workshops/Festivals 2008: (IT) Giornate di Studio all’Antica Casa Fenaroli (Workshop September 2-4,2008)

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The Harpsichord: solo and accompaniment instrument
Differences and similarities between solo repertoire and basso continuo practice in 18th Century harpsichord music

Coach: Marco Vitale ...

G. F. Handel:
Chaconne in G HWV 435 (Suites de Pièces pour le Clavecin, 1733)
Cantata “Ah! Che pur troppo è vero” HWV 77
Aria “Dell’aquila l’artigli” HWV 72 (Aci, Galatea e Polifemo, 1708)

J. S. Bach:
Cantata “Amore Traditore” BWV 203

Tuition fee: 120,- EUR

The workshop will be done in English and/or Italian.

People attending the course will be allowed to play two Italian harpsichord built by Andrea Di Maio ( ) and placed at o­ne’ s disposal.

For information and application please contact Franz Silvestri (e-mail:

Antica Casa Fenaroli
Via San Pietro, 22 - 25049, Pilzone d'Iseo, Italia (