Workshops/Festivals 2008

Workshops/Festivals 2008: (IT) Laboratorio di musica antica-Musica vocale sacra del medioevo (Aug. 24-30)

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Alia Musica
Laboratorio di musica antica
Musica vocale sacra del medioevo
direzione musicale: Claudia Caffagni
in la collaborazione del Comune di Fontevivo (PR)
Seminario Estate 2008 - dal 24 al 30 agosto
(I Mottetti latini del Codice di Bamberg)

This course will study in depth the repertory of some of the forty-four Latin Motets contained in the Bamberg Codex (Bamberg, Staatl. Libr. Ed. IV. 6), a parchment paper manuscript of probable Parisian compilation, which goes back to the last quarter of the 13th Century. Beyond the richness of its musical material, the Codex is particularly interesting from the point of view of its notation. This notation is particularly homogeneous due to the fact that it was entrusted to a single scrivener, and thus has all the characteristics of the so-called modal notation but with a series of revisions which make it easier to decipher and which allow, today, a direct reading without particular difficulties
The work to be carried out will be to arrive at the performance of the repertory through the direct reading of the original source material. This activity will prove particularly stimulating as well as essential, with the ultimate objective of a more fully aware performance.

The course is open to singers and instrument musicians for whom it will also be possible to undertake the performance of the seven instrumental pieces which are found at the end of the musical section of the Codex (ff. 62v-64v).

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