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YouTube Videos: (US) Musicians of the Old Post Road - Nightingale aria (Bononcini)

Contributed by Admin on Sep 20, 2011

“Musicians of the Old Post Road's recording session in May, 2011 of an aria by Bononcini for its upcoming "Roman Handel" CD.

In this aria, the flute (played by Suzanne Stumpf), in imitation of a nightingale, beguiles the love-forlorn Fileno (sung by Kristen Watson). Cellist Daniel Ryan and harpsichordist Michael Bahmann complete the ensemble.

From branch to branch flies
The nightingale, burning with passion.
He sings joyfully, and in his own language
It seems that he says: O sweet love,
Make it so that May never departs. “

Visit the Musicians of the Old Post Road YouTube site to view and hear this delectable aria.