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News 2005-2009: (US) Longy School of Music -- International Baroque Institute (July 24-Aug. 2, 2009)

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The International Baroque Institute at Longy offers a comprehensive program for professional and pre-professional singers and players of Baroque violin, cello, recorder, traverso, oboe, viola da gamba, harp, lute and harpsichord, taught by an unparalleled international faculty. Other instrumentalists or continuo players are welcome to participate in chamber ensembles or the institute orchestra. The seminar features eight full days of master classes, ensembles, orchestra sessions, continuo coaching, concerts, lectures and projects, and opportunity for public performances. To provide the highest level learning experience, we select our faculty from among the finest performers and teachers in the field of Baroque music.

The Venice-Dresden Connection: A Seminar on Baroque music of Italy and Germany.
Friday, July 24, to Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 IBIL Faculty
Paul Leenhouts, recorder & director
Phoebe Carrai, cello & co-director
Elizabeth Blumenstock, violin
Ricard Bordas, voice
Arthur Haas, harpsichord
Lucas Harris, lute
Ken Pierce, early dance
Gonzalo Ruiz, oboe
Mary Springfels, gamba
Jed Wentz, traverso“

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