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News 2005-2009: (US) -- Experts in Unique Art Case Pianos

Contributed by Admin on Dec 06, 2009

“The building of keyboard instruments began over 300 years ago. The development started with the organ and the Harpsichord, continued through the pianoforte, and reached its high point with what today is known as the modern grand piano - which remains until now virtually unchanged. (The Golden Years of grand piano construction were between 1825 and 1925).

Grand pianos belong as much to the appreciation of art as the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, or an authentically restored historical building, all of which have both high artistic and material value. Recognizing this has given me the exciting idea to create a renaissance of antique instruments for the pleasure of both art and music lovers. ..“

Visit for more on their unique art case pianos. Photos available.