Early Music Concerts 2012-2013

Early Music Concerts 2012-2013: (FR) Harmonia Musicae Concerts: "An Italian Mass at Counter-Reformation Times" (4-6 Jul 2013)

Contributed by harmoniamusicae on Jun 08, 2013

Thursday, July 4th – Bouzonville (Lorraine, France), abbey-church of Ste Croix, 8pm
Friday, July 5th - Plappeville (Lorraine, France), church of Ste Brigide, 8:30pm
Saturday, July 6th - Châtel st Germain (Lorraine, France), church of St Michel, 8pm

free admission

This program presents an idealized musical reconstruction of the church service enforced between 16th and 17th century in Italy, after the Council of Trento. It offers sacred vocal and instrumental works ...

... of various Italian composers of the period: Girolamo Frescobaldi, born in Ferrara and celebrated organist in Rome; Giovanni Felice Sances, singer and composer in Rome and Vienna; Giovanni Paolo Cima, music director in Milan and Girolamo Cavazzoni, organist and composer in Venice and Mantua. The program ends with the fascinating, later Ave Maris Stella  for solo soprano, choir and organ by Pietro Paolo Bencini, music director at various churches in Rome at the beginning of the 18th century.

  •     Introitus - G. Frescobaldi: Toccata avanti la Messa della Madonna (organ)
  •     Kyrie - G. P. Cima: Mass for 4 voices, Kyrie (choir and organ)                
  •     Oratio - G.F. Sances: Ardet cor meum (soprano I and organ)                
  •     Gloria - G. P. Cima: Mass for 4 voices, Gloria (choir and organ)    
  •     Graduale - G. P. Cima: Jubilate Deo (soprano II, alto and organ)           
  •     Oratio - G.F. Sances: Laetamini in Domino (soprano I and organ)          
  •     Credo - G. P. Cima: Mass for 4 voices, Credo (choir and organ)    
  •     Offertorium - G. Frescobaldi: Ricercare dopo il credo (organ)                          
  •     Sanctus - G. P. Cima: Mass for 4 voices, Sanctus (choir and organ)        
  •     Eucarestia - G. Frescobaldi: Toccata per l'elevazione (organ)                           
  •     Agnus Dei - G. P. Cima: Mass for 4 voices, Agnus Dei (choir and organ)
  •     Communio - G. P. Cima: Surge propera (soprano I et II in echo and organ)     
  •     Postcommunio - G. Cavazzoni: Ave Maris Stella (organ)                                 
  •     Ite Missa est - P.P. Bencini: Ave Maris Stella (soprano I, choir and organ)         

Irene Morelli, soprano

"Metz'a voce" Vocal ensemble: Pascale D'Ogna, soprano; Rachel Suzon-Lirette, mezzosoprano; Fabrice Marchetto, tenor; Jean-Marc Best, bass

Giuseppe Schinaia, organ

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