Workshops/Festivals 2011

Workshops/Festivals 2011: (AT) Internationales Seminar für alte Musik (2011 July 31-August 7)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 18, 2011

“This course is meant especially for professional musicians, music teachers, students and all music-makers who wish to widen their experience. You will receive much information on stylistic features, as well as advice on technical problems. Chamber music, Orchestra, lectures and concerts in the wonderful hall of the baroque castle of Zell/Pram.


Andrew Schultze Singing
Ernst Kubitschek Recorder
Gertraud Wimmer Traverso Flute
Marianne Rônez
Baroque violin, viola,
Viola d'amore
Jorge Daniel Valencia
Viola da gamba
Gerhard Darmstadt
Michael Freimuth
Christa Pesendorfer Harpsichord, Organ, Basso continuo
Jadwiga Nowaczek Historical Dance
Gösta Müller
Agnes Ratko

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Visit the Internationales Seminar für alte Musik website for more information.