Discography: (BE) Outhere Music: Highlights of 2013!

Contributed by admin on Jan 12, 2014

From a recent newsletter from Outhere Music

"what a year it has been! Once again we've just finished a year full of good surprises! With various awards and distinctions in the press all over Europe, we want to put forward the STAR artists and albums for 2013!" ...

"The independent music group Outhere produces around one hundred recordings every year, ranging from early music to contemporary, by way of jazz and world music. These are released all over the world in both physical and digital form.

Outhere’s success is founded on the consolidation and articulation of labels with a strong individual identity, which today number nine: Aeon, Alpha, Arcana, Fuga Libera, Outnote, Phi, Ramée, Ricercar, and Zig-Zag Territoires. ..."

Recordings of note:

  • "Arcangelo Corelli - The Complete Concerti Grossi", Gli Incogniti, Amandine Beyer
  • " Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Sei Solo’, Sonatas & Partitas for Violin", Christine Busch
  • " Vitali - Ciaconna", Stéphanie de Failly, Ensemble Clematis
  • "LE PARLER ET LE SILENCE: Music for Flute Consort and Lute for the late 16th to...", The Attaignant Consort
  • "My Precious Manuscript: Fantastic Sonatas from England to Germany", La Sainte Folie Fantastique
  • "Carlo Gesualdo, Ascanio Maione - Tribulationem: Motetti, Madregali e Capricci", Mara Galassi, Jean-Marc AYMES, Concerto Soave
  • "Je voy le bon tens venir", Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien, Enea Sorini, Simone Sorini, François Lazarevitch, Marc Busnel

Visit the Outhere Music website for more information and of releases.