Workshops/Festivals 2013

Workshops/Festivals 2013: (CA) Chants de Vieilles (27-30 Jun 2013)(* NEW * Registration Deadline 22 May 2013)

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Location: Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, Québec, CA

"PRE-FESTIVAL MASTERCLASSES 2013:  violin, guitar, accordion, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes , harmonica, and singing classes. For five years now, and thanks to several artists all acknowledged as masters in their respective fields, Chants de Vielles has been proudly providing an education program for singers and instrumentalists. ...

These master classes in small groups take place first in pre-festival sessions (for 2013: Thursday and Friday, June 27-28), then during the festival, where participants get to practice various skills before a large audience. ..."

Registration period for the 2013's Chants de Vielles 9 Master-classes programs!

The team is actually working very hard on the next edition of the festival but, before to unveil the official program very soon (May 1st), is actually announce it's 2013's Master Classes programs official registration period!. These classes will be conducted by Masters in their fields. The programs are presented in 2 parts. The first, before the festival, take place Thursday, June 27 & Friday, June 28, 2013, when the students will have the opportunity to learn in groups restricted to 10 students. The second is during the festival, when the students will have the opportunity to perform for the general public.

  1. SONG - Vocal techniques & Traditional songs with Charles Quimbert (Brittany, FR)
  2. SONG -Interpretation of Traditional Songs with Normand Miron (Lanaudière)
  3. HURDY GURDY - Instrumental technique & stylistic approaches with Tobie Miller (Québec/Switzerland)
  4. BAGPIPE - Perfecting style AND Repertoire with Éric Montbel (France)
  5. ACCORDION SOL/DO – Taming on the G-C French button accordion with Daniel Thonon (Estrie)
  6. FIDDLE - Quebec repertoire & technique with David Boulanger (Québec)
  7. GUITAR - Technique of accompaniment with André Marchand (Lanaudière)
  8. HARMONICA - Technique & interpretation of the Quebec Trad repertoire with Yves Lambert (Lanaudière)
  9. JAW HARP– History, technique & Quebec repertoire with Daniel Roy (Québec)

Please note that the pre-registration period will end Friday, April 15, 2013 at 5:00pm and that places are very limited. If you want to make sure to get a place in one or another of the classes, we recommand to send filled form by then!

Visit the Chants de Vielles website for more information. *** Note that the registration deadline has been extended till 22 May 2013! ***