Workshops/Festivals 2011

Workshops/Festivals 2011: (FR) Musiciens de Cythère -- Baroque and Renaissance Music and Dance Courses in Montpellier

Contributed by Admin on Sep 15, 2011

“Each quarter, we offer a weekend course or Baroque music and dance revival, for anyone interested in music and dances of the Baroque era. You can participate in one or more weekend (s), each stage being independent of others.“
The next workshops will be held on the following dates:
  • 22-23 October 2011: stage "Baroque Music and Dance"
  • 5th of November 2011: stage "Renaissance Dance" for the evening of the ball (see section "Bal Renaissance”)
  • 25-26 February 2012: course "Baroque Music and Dance"
  • 21-22 April 2012: stage "Baroque Music and Dance"
Visit the Musiciens de Cythère website for more information of the workshops as well as courses, Renaissance Ball, photos etc.