Workshops/Festivals 2011

Workshops/Festivals 2011: (IT) International Competition Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli

Contributed by Admin on Jul 10, 2011

“The Centro Studi e Ricerche Santa Giacinta Marescotti, a non-profit association of the town of Vignanello, promoting the third edition of the International Competition Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli, with the Artistic Direction of M° Sergio Casoy for the Lirycal Singing Section and Prof. Georgio Monari as Scientific Director for the Musicological Section.

Unlike the last edition dedicated to Flute and Recorder, this edition is aimed at interpreters of Baroque singing. This choice is in line with the objectives of the Competition, which is to achieve a complete event, dedicated, year after year, to the various artistic expressions of the Baroque period. Exploring the various aspects of musical, historical, artistic, cultural and gastronomic baroque, the Centro Studi aims to create an opportunity for study, sharing and re-enactment of the baroque atmospheres.

The purpose of the event is to find and give expressive form to the genius loci, represented by the music that was the identity of Vignanello and Castello Ruspoli in the court of Prince Francesco Maria. Proposing Vignanello as a place for dissemination of baroque music, like other European circuits, the Centro Studi want to establish dialogue and partnerships for future collaboration with baroque international centers and their festivals, such as Halle and London. …”

Extended to July 31, 2011

The 2011 edition of Competition consists of two sections which are both dedicated to the Baroque period:

  • Lyrical singing Section
  • Musicology Section

Under the Artistic Direction of M° Sergio Casoy for Lyrical singing Section and with the collaboration of Prof. Giorgio Monari, Responsible for the Scientific Section of Musicology, Centro Studi want to give a chance to young talents.

The winner of the Lyrical singing Section will receive a prize of 2000,00€ and more the registration of the concert in the Ruspoli Castle; while the winner of the Musicology Section will have a prize of 500,00 € and the publication of his essay.

The Announcement of Competition and the application form are available from web site