Books/Manuscript: (UK) Dance Books Release: "Marie Taglioni" Biography by Andre Levinson

Contributed by admin on Mar 04, 2014

(From a recent newsletter item from Dance Books)

"Nearly 40 years ago we published a paperback reprint of Andre Levinson's biography of the great romantic ballerina Marie Taglioni. That edition has long been out of print, and is now so scarce that we were astonished to  discover that second-hand editions are being offered on the internet for upwards of £80. ...

So we have reprinted it, with a new cover based on Mr. Beaumont's original, at a much more reasonable price of £12.70.

The book affords a complete account of the dancer’s career from her first appearance at Vienna in 1822 to her triumphs in La Sylphide, La Gitane, and La Fille du Danube; it tells the story of her immensely successful tours all over continental Europe, and ends with the sadness of her last years, when straightened circumstances forced her to eke out a bare living by giving lessons in deportment to young ladies of the aristocracy.

As usual, you'll find full details and ordering facilities on our web site:

David Leonard
Dance Books Ltd "