Workshops/Festivals 2011

Workshops/Festivals 2011: (US) Lark Camp 2011 (2011 July 29-August 6)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 04, 2011

“Imagine idyllic days & nights in the magical redwood forest filled with all the music, dance, and good times you could possibly stand, and that's kind of close to what Lark's Music Celebration is like. You are free to take as many or as few of the workshops offered as you like; jam sessions 24 hours a day, big dances every evening. 

Plenty of good food, new friends, and musical stimulation. Truly a unique total immersion into the joys of nature, music and dance. Many workshops for the professional as well as the beginner!

Lark In The Morning Music Celebration was started in 1980 to provide a venue to allow traditional musicians and dancers to get together and share their music & dance (A music & dance party with educational overtones). This event is an open forum for musicians, singers & dancers to exchange ideas and learn without being in a rigid school structure.

There will be 3 camps divided roughly by the following criteria with workshops, sessions, dances and events.

  • Camp One -- Ireland, British Isles, Greece, Eastern Europe, Sweden 
  • Camp Two -- South & North America, Spain, France, Swing 
  • Camp Three -- Middle Eastern Music, Africa, Drumming“
Visit the Lark Camp website for more information.