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News 2013: (US) Real Clear Arts Blog: "Choose Your Tools To Explore Gothic Ivories"

Contributed by admin on Nov 04, 2013

" ... It was, probably, the little figures not the ivory they were made of that drew interest, but I thought of them when I learned recently about a project at the Courtauld Institute in London — in a task begun in 2008, it’s cataloging all known ivory sculptures made made in Western Europe ca. 1200-ca. 1530, as well as neo-Gothic pieces, and the other day it added 700 pieces to the online database. This created a mini-storm of interest. ...

Plus, some Scandinavian institutions recently joined the project, which already has a long list of collaborators. And the British Library just added two 14th century manuscripts embedded with ivory ..."

Visit the Real Clear Arts Blog site to read the complete and interesting article as well as visit the Gothic Ivories website to view the collection of inventoried ivory objects.