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News 2012: (US) Unquiet Thoughts -- Saturday Morning Quotes 2.13: "Improvisation"

Contributed by Admin on Aug 22, 2012

(From a recent Unquiet Thoughts article)

“Jazz guitarists of today are not likely to consider themselves bearers of a long and lively tradition of improvisation that dates back more than 500 years.  When reeling out riffs to a set of changes, one is not likely to consider …

the cascading and wildly rhythmic inventions of Joan Ambrosio Dalza (Italy, 1508) or the hundreds of pages of anonymous written out improvisations over grounds found in the Marsh Lute Book (England, c.1580).  …”

Visit the Unquiet Thoughts website to read the complete blog article on the art of improvisation and lasting impact on our music interpretation.