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News 2011: (US) Unquiet Thoughts [blog]: Means & Ends: Transparency in performance

Contributed by Admin on Nov 22, 2011

“ … In very readable prose, [Bruce] Haynes traces the evolution of period performance and asks several questions about the goals of today’s performers of historical music, and also about the ‘authenticity’ of trying to recreate sounds we really have no way of imagining. 

… But where our opinions diverge is in Haynes’ definition of ‘transparency’ in performance, and whether it is a characteristic of historical interpretation or a modern convention that is meant to remove the musician’s personality from the transmission of composer’s intent while on its merry path to the listener’s ear, which is Hayne’s contention. …”

This particular post on the Unquiet Thoughts blogsite brings us some good discussion points. (Ed.) Also visit the Mignarda website where you will find the authors of the blog site.