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(FR) Festival Baroque de Sablé (August 19-23/2008)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 13, 2008
"Festival Sablé celebrates its 30 years in 2008

30 years in the service of music and baroque dance, listening to all research, 30 years accompanying artists. And also 30 years of the International Academy of Ancient Music and Dance: thousands of artists for hundreds of concerts, students from all continents. A faithful public coming from upt to 75 french regions and 20 foreign countries.

(ES) Semana de Música Antigua de Estella (September 9-14/2008)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 13, 2008
"The Week of Ancient Music Estella is o­ne of the most cultural programs among veterans organized by the Government of Navarre. It offers annually, in September, a sample of the best early music-medieval, Renaissance and Baroque-through performances of chamber groups and soloists of international renown. The concerts are headquartered in the Church of San Miguel de Estella. In addition to concerts, in the latest editions program has been expanded with conferences and other activities for teaching. ..." (Google translation)

Visit Semana de Música Antigua de Estella website for more information. (ed.)

(FR) Festival Baroque de Pontoise-Conference Series (September 18-October 23/08)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 13, 2008
Le Festival Baroque de Pontoise and the Université Inter-Ages de Pontoise, in collaboration with Le Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Cergy-Pontoise propos 6 conferences, given by the most imminent specialists, an immersion in the captivating universe of the Baroque.


(FR) Festival Baroque de Pontoise (September 13-October 19/2008)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 13, 2008
"From September 13 to October 19, 2008, the 23rd edition of the Festival of Baroque Pontoise offers a rich programme of twenty concerts and performances investing some of the greatest heritage sites in the Val d'Oise. Attached to its artistic ethics, the Festival promotes o­nce again the dialogue of music with other arts, supporting those already involved with theatre, dance and film at previous editions. ..." (Google translation)

Visit Festival Baroque de Pontoise website for more information. (ed.)

(SI) Radovljica Festival (Slovenia) (August 9-24/2008)

Contributed by Admin on Jul 12, 2008
"Welcome to the homepage of the Radovljica Festival, the oldest early music festival in Slovenia. With ten concerts taking place in Radovljica and Ljubljana between 9 and 24 August, this year's festival will present a broad spectrum of music, from reconstructions of musical performances from before the beginnings of musical notation to Schubert's Winterreise with fortepiano accompaniment. In addition to this, o­ne of the programmes will also feature contemporary works written under the influence of medieval music. ...