(US) Saturday Morning Quotes 4.47: Class in Ssession (April 4, 2015)

Contributed by admin on Apr 05, 2015

(From the latest of blog postings at Unquiet Thoughts)

"Let’s not mince words: Early music bears NO ancestral relationship to what today’s historians and hype-merchants market as “classical” music. 

Early music was always functional music of some sort, whether composed for devotional or liturgical purposes, social dancing, entertainment for wealthy patrons, as a domestic pastime, as a theoretical exercise, or as the common indulgence in the craft of converting clever poetry into song.  ...

(IT) L'Humor Bizzarro 2015 Early Music and Dance Summer Workshop (26 July-02 Aug 2015)

Contributed by admin on Mar 31, 2015

Location: Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio, Rome IT

"Games and pastimes, in all their forms connected to music and dance, will be the common theme of L’Humor Bizzarro 2015, the established international rendezvous that has reached its 14th edition, also this year hosted by the historical Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio. As is by now tradition, the work of the various classes will merge in a final performance featuring the interaction between students and teachers and open to the general public." ...

(US) National Endowment for the Humanities: "NEH and the Preservation and Access of Audiovisual Cultural Heritage"

Contributed by admin on Mar 21, 2015

Preservation of our aging repositories has gained a lot of attraction lately. Of concern is of the deteriorating condition of the medium upon which were recorded events ... and of even more growing concern is of the growing lack of hardware to play back the recordings.

New initiatives such as proposed by the National Endowment for the Huminities in the US are growing. ...

(US) Bach Society Houston Event: "Bach Till You Drop on March 21!"

Contributed by admin on Mar 20, 2015

(From a recent Bach Society Houston newsletter)

"Bach Society Houston will host a Bach Marathon on Saturday, March 21, from 1:00pm until 9:00pm. It’s the 330th birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach and we will celebrate it – not by running – but by presenting live music for eight hours! ...

(CA) News Item: "European Day of Early Music" (EU) and "Bach in the Subways"

Contributed by admin on Mar 20, 2015

Mark your calendar!

From whichever way you see it, March 21st is a great day for all to celebrate early music all over the globe. On the European continent March 21st is being celebrated as "European Day of Early Music" with the backing of many early music groups, UNESCO and the coordinating body of REMA. On a grass-roots level, "Bach in the Subways" is being celebrated internationally with the "Bach in the Subways" coordinating website.  ....

(UK) Happy Shakespeare Week!

Contributed by admin on Mar 20, 2015

(From a recent Shakespeare Birthplace Trust newsletter)

"Primary school children across the UK are celebrating Shakespeare's life and works this week - and it's not too late to join in!  ...

(CA) Nota Bene Baroque Players ~ Julie Baumgartel, Artistic Director: Fundraiser-Gala (Date of event: 21 June 2015)

Contributed by admin on Mar 19, 2015

Location: Waterloo Ontario

The Nota Bene Baroque Players Organization (NBBP) unveils its upcoming plans for their Fundraiser-Gala 2015.

"Welcome to a FUNDRAISER celebrating the accomplishments of NOTA BENE PLAYERS and SINGERS! Come and hear excerpts that showcase works for the coming season. Your continued support will ensure the continuation of innovative programing and stunning performances. ... " ~ Boyd McDonald, NBBP Chair

(UK) Spitalfields Music ~ Summer Festival 2015 (2-16 June 2015)

Contributed by admin on Mar 18, 2015

Location: Spitalfields Music, 61 Brushfield Street, London, UK E1 6AA

"Early music ensemble La Nuova Musica presents performances of Handel’s Israel in Egypt, Couperin’s Leçons des ténèbres and an evening of arias and concertos with virtuoso horn player Alec Frank-Gimmell. ..."

In addition to La Nuova Musica, The Spitafields Music Festival also welcomes: The Sixteen; Stile Antico; The Carnival Band, Musicians from the Age of Enlightenment; Odyssean Ensemble; City of London Sinfonia; Polyphony ...

(UK) Chapelle du Roi Concert: "TENEBRAE – by Candlelight" (1 April 2015 @7:30PM)

Contributed by admin on Mar 18, 2015

Location: St John’s Smith Square, London, UK

Holy Week was one of the richest sources of inspiration for many of Europe’s Renaissance composers. As the tension mounted in the approach to the crucifixion and resurrection, the music accompanying the liturgy would become more emotional and highly wrought. The greatest drama was found in the candlelit service of Tenebrae held at sunset; the shadows lengthening as the candles were extinguished one by one.

In this candlelit programme on the eve of Maundy Thursday Chapelle du Roi performs music from the three great days.

(US) Crawford Young in Concert: Medieval and Renaissance lute “The Lost Petrucci Book c1508” (Concert date: March 22, 2015 at 4pm.)

Contributed by admin on Mar 18, 2015

Location: Ifshin Violins, 6420 Fairmont Avenue, El Cerrito, CA, at the El Cerrito Plaza (adjacent to the El Cerrito Plaza BART station)

Admission $20.  Light refreshment served afterwards- please bring a beverage to share.

Crawford Young, well-known Renaissance and medieval lutenist, who teaches at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland, as well as other venues all over the world, is in the Bay Area during the month of March.  He would like to meet lute players here in the Bay Area. ...

(US) 2015 Parkening International Guitar Competition

Contributed by admin on Mar 15, 2015

(From a recent Press Release -- Note: The Winners of the 2015 Parkening International Guitar Competition will be announced after the final round on May 30, 2015.)

"March 13, 2015 Malibu, CA -- The world's preeminent classical guitar competition, the Parkening International Guitar Competition, has selected 15 standout competitors for its fourth triennial competition. Representing 11 countries, they will vie for the largest prize purse among guitar competitions, competing at Pepperdine University from Thursday, May 28, through Saturday, May 30, 2015, on the University's campus in Malibu, California.  ...

(SE) BIS Records: "Müthel – The Five Keyboard Concertos" (CD Release Date: 30 March 2015)

Contributed by admin on Mar 14, 2015

(From a recent BIS newsletter)

Marcin Świątkiewicz, harpsichord; Arte dei Suonatori

"Johann Forkel, the biographer of J.S. Bach, numbered Müthel among the most remarkable of Bach’s pupils. Another of the great chroniclers of 18th century music, Charles Burney, described Müthel's works as 'so full of novelty, taste, grace, and contrivance, that I should not hesitate to rank them among the greatest productions of the present age.’  ...

(CA) JUNOfest 2015 Hamilton Ontario

Contributed by admin on Mar 14, 2015

The JUNO nominees are in and the awards are being decided ... have a peek to see what Canadian early music talent has been nominated ...

(US) Pacific Standard Article: "Tracking the Evolving Brain of the Young Musician" (Tom Jacobs - Mar 12, 2015)

Contributed by admin on Mar 14, 2015

(Of general interest)

"An ambitious five-year study of young orchestral players aims to determine how taking group music lessons impacts them intellectually and emotionally. ...

(US) Queen of French Baroque Concert

Contributed by musicale on Mar 14, 2015

La Donna Musicale presents "Queen of French Baroque: Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre". This concert, on March 14th at 4pm, celebrates the 350th anniversary of the birth of Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, a female french baroque concert.                                     

(UK) Opera Today: "The Hilliard Ensemble: Farewell Concert at Wigmore Hall" (Review by Claire Seymour)

Contributed by admin on Mar 09, 2015

"Forty-one years is a long time for any partnership to be sustained and to flourish — be it musical, commercial or marital! And, given The Hilliard Ensemble’s ongoing reputation as one of the world’s finest a cappella groups,  ...

(UK) Oxford Historical Dance Society

Contributed by admin on Mar 09, 2015

(From a recent  Oxford Historical Dance Society Newsletter)

"A note to let you know that the Oxford Historical Dance Society website has been updated with their workshop calendar for 2015. ...

(US) Harmonia Early Music: "English Songs Of Sinners And Saints"

Contributed by admin on Mar 09, 2015

"This hour, we'll hear some bawdy songs and tragic ballads, as well as more uplifting, devotional songs and hymns. Plus, a featured CD of Tudor church music. ...

(CA) Nota Bene Baroque Player ~ Julie Baumgartel, artistic director: "Messiah" at Easter time

Contributed by admin on Mar 08, 2015

(From a recent NBBP reminder)

Location: Hamilton (March 28th) & Waterloo (March 29th) Ontario, CA

"Following the unqualified success of last season’s Messiah performance, the Nota Bene Baroque Players have decided, by popular demand, to repeat the performance of Handel’s great masterpiece. Again this year, the performance(s) will take place one week before Easter, ...

(US) Boston Early Music Festival CD release: "Agostino Steffani’s Niobe, Regina di Tebe"

Contributed by admin on Mar 08, 2015

(From a recent BEMF February Newsletter)

"The Boston Early Music Festival has released the world premiere studio recording of Agostino Steffani’s Niobe, Regina di Tebe on the Erato/Warner Classics label, with production support from Radio Bremen (Germany). Originally presented as the 2011 Festival Operatic Centerpiece, Niobe is the seventh in BEMF’s series of ...

(UK) The Sixteen Choral Workshops

Contributed by admin on Mar 08, 2015

(From a recent The Sxiteen February Newsletter item)

"Our workshops offer keen choral singers the opportunity to delve deeper into some of the Choral Pilgrimage repertoire. Workshops are led by two prominent members of The Sixteen; Associate Conductor Eamonn Dougan and singer and musicologist Sally Dunkley. ...

(US) San Francisco Renaissance Voices Concert: "Merrie Olde England: Country Dances and Madrigals"

Contributed by admin on Mar 08, 2015

(From a recent SFRV newsletter)

Location: San Francisco CA, US

"San Francisco Renaissance Dancers (Jennifer Meller, Director) is the resident dance troupe of San Francisco Renaissance Voices (Katherine McKee, Music Director) and the only professional period dance company in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Founded in 2012 they have flourished and have become an integral part of San Francisco Renaissance Voices season concert offerings, ...

(SE) Martin Skowroneck no. 90 To Be Completed (2016-2017)

Contributed by admin on Mar 02, 2015

News posted on the "Harpsichord Mailinglist" from Tilman Skowroneck that "Martin Skowroneck’s last unfinished harpsichord no. 90 will be completed by a colleague in 2016-17, and offered for sale.  If members would be so kind to judiciously spread the word...

It's a nearly-five-octave (depending on transposing solutions) Franco-Flemish two-manual harpsichord which is about halfway done. ...

(CZ) Latest Paul McNulty's Streicher Piano

Contributed by admin on Mar 01, 2015

From a recent FaceBook post from Viviana Sofronitsky: This is a copy of a Streicher very similar to that used by Brahms for the last 24 years of his life. Video of the piano in action ...

(IT) Libreria Musicale Italiana: Books, Periodicals etc. in .pdf format

Contributed by admin on Mar 01, 2015

News from Libreria Musicale Italiana of their growing collection of books soon to be offered for sale in .pdf format. "The selection of texts is expanding rapidly and will soon be available more than 900 files including periodicals, monographs, proceedings of and extracts."

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