(US) Weekend Specials at ArkivMusic

Contributed by Admin on Mar 10, 2012
ArkivMusic holds regularly held weekend specials of its CD holdings. You may be interested in adding the site on your links of early music sites as some of its sale items may be of interest to you. This weekend has its 2-disc set of the J.C. Bach: Milanese Vesper Psalms/Concerto Köln on sale.

(UK) The Hyperion Conductus project

Contributed by Admin on Mar 08, 2012
“This is the performing and recording arm of Southampton University's Cantum Pulcriorem Invenire research project: 13th Century Music & Poetry, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, begun in October 2010.

The outcomes of the project include a series of three CDs, Conductus I, II & III (appropriately subtitled) which will be released by Hyperion from July 2012 onwards, sung by John Potter, Christopher O'Gorman and Rogers Covey-Crump. The live version of the project is initially for two tenors (John Potter & Christopher O'Gorman) with a specially commissioned video by Michael Lynch, to be launched at the York Early Music Festival in 2012.

(US) Unquiet Thoughts Blog (21 jan; 17 feb 2012): Remembering John Milton Ward, Musicologist (6 jul 1917-12 dec 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 08, 2012

In these two Mignarda blog posts, Ron & Don lay tribute to John Milton Ward who recently passed away on December 21, 2012. 

“… The world of the lute has attracted people who share in common a fascination with trivial details concerning the geometry of the instrument, specialized playing techniques, string materials and the surviving historical sources of lute music.  For the latter, we should all bow down and thank the brilliant 20th century scholars who have spent endless hours researching, analyzing, and codifying this surviving music in order to make it available to those of us who are inclined, with many drops of sweat, to reconstitute the dessicated old manuscript pages back into living, breathing music. …” (21 jan 2012, blog post)

(US) Ars & Amici tours Venice & the Dolomites in April 2012 (11-23 apr 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 08, 2012

Recent news from the Ars & Amici group.

“Ars & Amici will visit the Dolomites and Venice, April 11-23, 2012.  In addition to singing masses and presenting concerts, we will enjoy Nature’s beauty in the mountains and valleys of the Trentino/Alto-Adige region, the glories of Venice, and fine art and food at many stops along the way.

Music by Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Priuli, Marenzio, Banchieri, Croce, Canale & other composers connected to the Veneto.

(AT) zeitenTANZ Workshop: "Dances of Biedermeier - and sewing" (16-20 may 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 08, 2012

Location: St. Benedict Education Center, Seitenstetten Austria

“A varied Biedermeier dance program, a new piece for the historical wardrobe, recreation in the countryside - all in just one long weekend!

The course content of the following dances are planned: “Quadrille, Ecossaise, Tempete, Ländler, Walzer, Contredanse, Francaise, Hops-Anglaise, Contre-Ecossaise, Figouraise”. The course is suitable for beginners but also for the advanced …” Instructor: Pia Brocza

(IE) Sligo Festival of Baroque Music (28-30 sep 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 08, 2012
“It will be some weeks before all concerts and workshops are confirmed for this year’s festival, but we can say that the performers will include baroque violinist, Maya Homburger and Ensemble Meridiana who will be “in residence” for the whole of the festival.

Maya Homburger has performed a number of times in earlier Sligo Baroque Festivals, always displaying a remarkable grasp of Baroque musical architecture and an assured technique, always memorably. She is one of the great Baroque violinists of our time. Maya will be playing Bach, the A minor sonata and D minor Partita in a solo recital, and in a trio programme the details of which await confirmation.

(IT) Piccola Accademia di Montisi Masterclasses Summer 2012 (11 jul-26 aug 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 08, 2012

(Re-posted with updated information. -- Editor)

“One of the Piccola Accademia’s most important activities is to provide students and recent graduates with exceptional master classes in harpsichord performance. The combination of our instrument collection, the quality of teaching at the Piccola Accademia, superb acoustics and the quiet and relaxed nature of life in the Tuscan countryside, creates a special environment in which to study and be inspired.

The Summer 2012 Masterclasses will be given by:

  • July 10-15 -- Menno van Delft
  • July 17-22 -- Christophe Rousset
  • July 24-29 -- Pierre Hantai / Skip Sempe
  • August 14-19 -- Ketil Haugsand
  • August 21-26 -- Bob van Asperen

(CA) Nota Bene Baroque Concert Reminder: "An English Messiah" (11 mar 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 06, 2012

(This is a re-post from an article on February 26 2012 -- Editor)

“What....HENRY'S Messiah?

You read that right. Handel wasn't the only one to set those familiar texts to music. Henry Purcell beat him to it, and you can hear these remarkable settings on March 11. 

(UK) Border Marches Early Music Forums (BEMFM) Workshop: "Purcell's Fairy Queen - Dance and music workshop for BMEMF" (16 jun 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 04, 2012

“We are pleased to announce that Philippa Waite will be joining with Andrew Wilson-Dickson to lead a workshop on the dances and choruses in Henry Purcell's "The Fairy Queen" for the Border Marches Early Music Forum.  The workshop welcomes singers, instrumentalists and dancers, and there will be segments where musicians can learn some Baroque dance steps.

(US) The Practitioners of Musick

Contributed by Admin on Mar 03, 2012 Weblinks Revisited

“The Practitioners of Musick ensemble, founded by John Burkhalter and the late Professor Eugene Roan (1931 - 2006) to survey the musical riches of 18th century Great Britain - Ireland & both the Colonial and early Federal periods in America. Recent research, has also focused attention on musical life in New-France before the Fall of Quebec in 1759. 

(US) The Four Nations Ensemble Concert: "Without a care: Music from Sans Souci" (7 mar 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 03, 2012

Without a care: Music from Sans Souci

Location:  The New Church, 114 East 35th Street, New York NY, US

“Of all the works on our program, Johann Gottlieb Graun’s Trio in G for flute, violin and continuo meets our expectations for the delight and vitality we have come to expect from rococo music. Johann Graun (1703-1771), student of Tartini, teacher of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, and admired by Johann Sebastian Bach has left unexplored chamber music delights and this work will make you want to know more. How fine that he gives the cellist rococo riffs that respond to the flute and violin. Here there is lyricism and sparkle that reminds us of the silver and gold that shimmers by candlelight or sunlight in every room at Sans Souci. And yet, all the embellished charm is supported by excellent counterpoint. No wonder Johann Sebastian sent his favorite son for lessons with this modern master. …”

(IT) Festival di Cremona Claudio Monteverdi 2012 - Festival Claudio Monteverdi 2012 (27 apr - 29 may 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 03, 2012
Festival held in Cremona celebrating Claudio Monteverdi. If you are in the region, you may be interested in attending one of the concerts on the concert listings below --

(CH) Ensemble Elyma, Gabriel Garrido

Contributed by Admin on Mar 02, 2012 Weblinks Revisited

“The Elyma Ensemble is made up of singers and instrumentialists specialising in Latin music of the Renaissance and the Baroque period, and has long been active in the rediscovery of early Latin American music. It has also gained international recognition for its interpretation of 17th century italian compositions.
Founded in Geneva in 1981, The Elyma Ensemble continues to be based there and is directed by its founder, Gabriel Garrido ... "

(DE) Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci -- Potsdam Sanssouci Music Festival (9-24 jun 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 02, 2012
Each year in June, bring the Potsdam Sanssouci Music Festival, waking the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg from the slumber of centuries.” A festival of international early music groups play in spectacular venues.

(US) Early Music DC Newsletter (2 mar 2012): March 2012 Concerts

Contributed by Admin on Mar 02, 2012
“Things are definitely picking up again, as you can see from the March concert calendar -- here's a preview! …

[Read on for the concert dates]

(UK) Cambridge Early Music Concert: "DIXIT DOMINUS: Settings by Handel and Vivaldi" (9 mar 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 01, 2012
La Nuova Musica dir. David Bates with Lucy Crowe (soprano)
Trinity College Chapel

La Nuova Musica is a vocal and instrumental ensemble dedicated to the music of the European Renaissance and Baroque. In less than five years since its foundation by counter-tenor David Bates, it has shot to prominence in the UK and abroad.

(CA) Ensemble Anonymous Sponsored Concert: "Kassia - Byzantine Hymns" performed by the German Ensemble VocaMe (7 mar 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 01, 2012

Reminder from Ensemble Anonymous!

Location: Salle D'Youville au 995, place D’Youville, Québe PQ, Canada

As part of the Women’s World Day, the Société du Palais Montcalm, in collaboration with the Ensemble Anonymus and La Nef, present the German Ensemble “VocaMe“ in a program entitled “Kassia - Byzantine Hymns”. This concert will be at 8pm in Room 995 at D'Youville Place D'Youville.

(UK) Opera Today Performances Review: "Le nozze di Figaro, Royal Opera" by Mark Berry

Contributed by Admin on Mar 01, 2012
“David McVicar’s production of The Marriage of Figaro, previously staged in 2006 (twice), 2008, and 2010, now returns as part of the Royal Opera House’s ‘Da Ponte cycle’. I cannot help wishing that funds had stretched to commissioning three new productions, preferably from the same director, with a sense of how the works might actually cohere as a ‘cycle’.  …

(US) The Double Bass and Violone Internet Archive -- Jerry Fuller, bassist and site maintainer

Contributed by Admin on Mar 01, 2012 Weblinks Revisited

“Jerry Fuller began studying the double bass at age 16 and was invited to join the Lyric Opera of Chicago orchestra three years later. Within two years he was promoted to first desk of the double bass section in addition to performing with the Santa Fe Opera. Mr Fuller has also served as solo double bass of The Musikkollegium Winterthur Switzerland. While in Europe, Mr. Fuller became interested in historically-informed performance practice and has achieved international recognition for his work with period instruments. A Chicago Artists Abroad grant recipient, Mr. Fuller’s performances in London, Rome, Geneva and Edinburgh have been broadcast worldwide. In addition, Mr. Fuller has performed at the Ravinia and the Aspen Music Festivals and both the Boston and Berkeley Early Music Festivals. …”

(AT) zeitenTANZ Workshop: La Forlana Dance (4-5 may 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Mar 01, 2012
Location: Dance Studio Manhardt, Neubaugasse 38, 1070 Vienna (1st floor, by the yard)

The original folk dance from the Friaul region (hence the name: friulana - furlana - Forlana) was popular towards the end of the 17th century. It was introduced by the composer André Campra at the French court and was immediately received with great enthusiasm - the theme of "Venice" was in vogue in Paris at that time.

This workshop can be registered without a partner.”

(US) Oxford Univeristy Press: "Music February 2012 Newsletter"

Contributed by Admin on Mar 01, 2012

You may be interested in some of the newest releases as Oxford Press. Of note: 

The Castrato and His Wife, Helen Berry
“The opera singer Giusto Ferdinando Tenducci was one of the most famous celebrities of the eighteenth century. Mozart and Bach both composed for him. He was nothing less than a rock star of his day, with a massive female following. He was also a castrato.

Ranging from the salons of princes and the grand opera houses of Europe to the remote hill towns of Tuscany, Helen Berry's compelling account of the unconventional love story of the castrato and his wife offers fascinating insight into the world of opera and the history of sex and marriage in Georgian Britain. Berry vividly describes how women flocked to Tenducci's concerts and found him irresistible. Indeed, his young singing pupil, Dorothea Maunsell, found him so irresistible that she eloped with him. A huge scandal erupted and her father persecuted them mercilessly.”

More titles below …


(MX) Festival de Musica Barroca de San Miguel de Allende, A.C. (17-25 Mar 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 29, 2012

Joyas Divinas y Otros Secretos (Divine Jewels & Other Secrets)

“This year's theme alludes to the discovery of the rich culture and history of the Baroque period. It's for all lovers of the arts interested in a unique opportunity to discover the architectural, artistic and gastronomic treasures of Baroque. Enjoy a fun-filled week in the company of World-class musicians showcasing some of the most Priceless Jewels of Music ever composed. Join us for an incredible journey through richly layered textures within a compositional aesthetic to which festival musicians add energy and gallant. …”

(US) Early Music America (EMA) Scholarship Application Deadlines -- 15 April 2012

Contributed by Admin on Feb 29, 2012
A reminder that the Early Music America (EMA) scholarship application deadline is fast approaching. Early Music America (EMA) offers a variety of scholarships to its members. The application deadline is 15 April 2012.

(FR) Thomas Murach , Facteur de clavecins & Isabelle Murach-Venturini , Luthier

Contributed by Admin on Feb 29, 2012 Weblinks Revisited

“Since 1993 we  have been running the workshop ' Le Pin Lyre ', where I make  harpsichords and Isabelle  restores violins, lutes and violes. In fact, we work together on lots of tasks, but that's the  basic setup.

The harpsichord side of things: As of 1988, I learned the basics with  Lewis Jones, at the London College of Furniture, later London Guildhall, now London Metropolitan University. After much research 'Ariata' eventually came into being, and this is the trade name for my  interpretation of a  single manual F to f French harpsichord.

(US) Project MUSE Newsletter (28 feb 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 29, 2012
(From the latest newsletter at Project MUSE, some more research journals additions and some changes. Note that access to these journals are usually accomplished through University libraries or some municipal libraries. You will have to check with these local libraries to check to see if access to Project MUSE periodicals is available.  If your interest lies in early music research, Project MUSE inventory of publication may be of interest to you. -- Editor)

Background: Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social science content for the scholarly community.  Since 1995 the MUSE journal collections have supported a wide array of research needs at academic, public, special, and school libraries worldwide. MUSE is the trusted source of complete, full-text versions of scholarly journals from many of the world's leading university presses and scholarly societies, with over 120 publishers currently participating. UPCC Book Collections on Project MUSE, launched in January 2012, offer top quality book-length scholarship, fully integrated with MUSE's scholarly journal content.“

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