(NO) Andreas Scholl (2011 May 30) (Bergen International Festival Concert)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 29, 2011
Andreas Scholl had six thousand people on the edge of their seats when he sang Handel arias in the BBC Proms some years ago. The German counter-tenor has released several critically acclaimed recordings. His repertoire spans from opera and baroque music to folk tunes.

(IT) Montisi Music Festival (2011 June 30-July 1)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 29, 2011
This year's summer festival will once again feature some of the world's leading harpsichordists.

(US) American Bach Soloists Festival & Academy (2011 July 15-23) (US, San Francisco)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 29, 2011
This summer, Bay Area early music specialists American Bach Soloists (ABS) will inaugurate an annual Bach Festival & Academy, the world!s newest, in San Francisco from July 15 through 23.

(US) Bach's Magnificat & Lotti's Mass for Three Choirs (American Bach Soloists Concert) (2011 May 6-9)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 29, 2011
The 2010-2011 Season Finale will bring to the West Coast the premiere of a work that was discovered just a decade ago: the Mass for Three Choirs by the Venetian master Antonio Lotti.

(FR) Festival Embar(o)quement (2011 May 7-29)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 28, 2011
Festival History starts with a meeting of enthusiasts. In 2002, Yannick Lemaire Fabien Guilloux and share their interest in the sacred musical heritage, and create the association Harmonia Sacra.

(US) Something “New” for Lovers of Early Music (2011 May 6-9) (US, San Francisco) (Review By Marianne Lipanovich)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 28, 2011

With the wealth of music that has been written over the centuries, it’s no surprise that some pieces are seldom performed. Still, when a piece composed in the early 18th century is making its West Coast debut, while also being performed only for the second time in the U.S., it’s an occasion worth noting.

(FR) Héroïnes en musique (La Simphonie du Marais concert) (2011 May 13)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 28, 2011

Héroïnes en musique
Lully, Charpentier, Purcell, Haendel

Opening concert to the Le Printemps des Arts Festival.

(IT) 10th Early Music and Dance Summer Workshop (IT, Rome) (2011 July 31-August 7)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 28, 2011
L'Humor Bizzarro
Intarsi di musica e danza antica
Artistic direction: Claudia Celi and Andrea Toschi

This year's edition of "L'Humor Bizzarro. Intarsi di musica e danza antica" returns to the Eternal City, hosted by the historic Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio.


Contributed by Admin on Apr 25, 2011
Reminder to recorder aficionados or  this excellent on line resource.

(US) On Einstein, Bach and Mozart (YouTube video)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 25, 2011
A flash back of Einstein and his love for music and the intersection of physics and music in his life.

(US) The New York Baroque Dance Company - Dance of the Month Classes

Contributed by Admin on Apr 25, 2011
Discover the mad craze in Follia, the sexy courtship of the elegant Minuet, the full passion of the Bouree and the pyrotechnic challenges in the Sarabande.

(US) Queen Christina of Sweden (Harmonia Episode-Recording) (2011 March 7)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 25, 2011
One of the 17th Century’s most famous women—her life, arts patronage, and historic accomplishments are explored as well as music associated with her court.

(US) Frescobaldi Thematic Catalogue Online (FTCO)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 24, 2011
I am pleased to announce the launching of the FRESCOBALDI THEMATIC CATALOGUE ONLINE (FTCO), an annotated thematic catalogue of the works of Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643), published exclusively online. The catalogue includes excerpts of over 800 compositions and citations of all known seventeenth-century and eighteenth-century sources, modern editions, and literature, and has extensive search capabilities.

(US) Zheng Cao’s Magnificence Graces Philharmonia Baroque (Review by Jason Victor Serinus) (2011 March 5)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 24, 2011
Mezzo-soprano Zheng Cao, whose saga with stage four lung cancer continues to inspire an international audience, is in the midst of an astounding series of performances with Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, conducted by Music Director Nicholas McGegan.

(IT) Festival Armoniche Fantasie (2011 July 2-16)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 24, 2011
An initiative of the Fondazione Academia Montis Regalis,  the “Festival Armoniche Fantasie” takes place every year between June and July at Mondovi and elsewhere in the province of Cuneo in Piedmonte and the initiative of the Foundation Academia Montis Regalis.

(AT) "Dances for Fun and Amusement" (Workshop) (Tantz-Art – Ensemble for Historical Dance) (2011 May 20-21)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 23, 2011
Contre danses écossaises and françaises, quadrilles, cotillion, which were danced at court. Workshop for beginners and advanced!

(IT) Exhibition in Castello di Duino, Friuli, Italy

Contributed by Admin on Apr 23, 2011
Orpheon wishes to open your eyes and ears to the marvelous world of string instruments of the Renaissance, the Baroque and the Classical Periods. The collection now contains over 170 violins, violas, violoncellos, violas da gamba, violas d'amore, barytons and historical bows dating mostly from 1560 to 1780, all restored to their original playing conditions and placed at the disposal of members of the Orpheon Consort, professional musicians and outstanding students from all over Europe for competitions, recordings, concerts and longterm study.

(IT) New Titles from Libreria Musicale Italiana (LIM) SRL

Contributed by Admin on Apr 23, 2011
We are reminded to visit the web pages of Libreria Musicale Italiana (LIM) SRL to view the latest additions of titles to their inventory.

(FR) Les Oiseaux : Couperin, Haendel, Vivaldi (La Symphonie du Marais - Hugo Reyne Concert) (2011 April 29-30)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 23, 2011
Birdsong has inspired many composers, and the flute was chosen as the perfect tool to illustrate this theme in music.The imitation of the nightingale, the cuckoo, goldfinch's gave birth to beautiful sonatas, concertos, cantatas and arias from operas.

(US) Flanders Recorder Quartet (Early Music Now concert) (2011 April 30)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 22, 2011
The Six Wives of Henry VIII

This acclaimed quartet is joined by soprano Cecile Kempernaers in a musical portrait of the renowned flamboyant English king and his six wives.

(US) David Fallows in residence at UW-Milwaukee (2011 April 28-30)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 22, 2011
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Music Department, in collaboration with the Vilas Foundation, is delighted to announce a three-day residency of esteemed British musicologist and Renaissance scholar David Fallows.  Professor Fallows will host three UW-Milwaukee events relating to Renaissance music and music scholarship.  All events at UW-Milwaukee are free and open to the public.

(US) 19th-Century Music (Vol. 34, No. 3, Spring 2011) -- available

Contributed by Admin on Apr 22, 2011
The latest issue of 19th-Century Music ( Vol. 34, No. 3, Spring 2011) is now available on line.

(US) A Springtime Celebration With Early Music Song And Dance (Harmonia Early Music radio recording) (2011 March 29)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 22, 2011
Harmonia celebrates springtime with songs and dance music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and early Baroque.

In temperate regions, there is no more highly-anticipated season of the year than spring. After many long and dreary winter months, spring brings relief in the form of warmer weather, more sun, a welcoming outdoors, and the flowering of trees and other vegetation. Spring can be seen, heard, and felt.

(US) Longy Summer Programs: International Baroque Institute at Longy (IBIL) (2011 July 22-31)

Contributed by Admin on Apr 21, 2011
Le Parnasse François

The International Baroque Institute at Longy offers a comprehensive program taught by an unparalleled international faculty.  The program features eight full days of master classes, ensembles, orchestra sessions, concerts, lectures and continuo coaching.

(US) Longy School of Music Summer Programs

Contributed by Admin on Apr 21, 2011
Summer is the perfect time to try something new, rekindle your passion for music, or just stay in shape!  Broaden your musical horizons by taking an enrichment workshop, weekly class, or private lessons.  Our supportive faculty provide stimulating and innovative programs that are sure to keep you motivated throughout the summer. Check out our wide variety of summertime offerings for adults of all ages and abilities.

Summer Workshops
  • Weekend Chamber Extravaganza! (2011 June 17-19)
  • Voice (2011 June 21-July 14)
  • Longy Summer Early Dance Workshop (2011 July 24 -30)

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