(CA) Arion Orchestre Baroque - February: a month full of baroque goodness!

Contributed by Admin on Feb 02, 2012
“Watch out baroque fans: Arion is plowing ahead with plenty of activities!
Here is a quick survey of all the upcoming concerts this month.

(NL) Huismuziek Early Music Courses and Workshops

Contributed by Admin on Feb 02, 2012
For those of you who considering visiting The Netherlands, you may want to consider visiting the Huismuziek website where the association lists several early music workshops/courses. The length of the workshops/courses vary from one day, a weekend or week.

(DE) La Danza München: Seminar "Con Gratia e Decoro" (20-22 apr 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 02, 2012

Location: Pension Schreiber, Benediktbeuern DE

“Grace (gratia) and decency, dignity (Decoro), in previous centuries were the most important virtues of the dance of courtly society. The aristocratic dance had always the function of representation; the representation of oneself in the eyes of the spectators who were themselves connoisseurs and experts of the matter. The movement style that sprang from it is characterized by highly varied steps, extreme subtlety and nuance. The sensation is, so to speak, in detail.

(UK) Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music 2012 (18-26 may 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 02, 2012

Contests, Competitions and the Harmony of Nations

From the latest Lufthansa Festival newsletter (issue 7) , news that that general ticket bookings are now open to the public. If you are planning to attend any events you may consider booking/purchasing tickets early to this popular festival.

(US) ArkivMusic "Opera and Vocal Alert" (On sale through 2/15/12.)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 02, 2012
A reminder from ArkivMusic of their music sale "Opera and Vocal Alert" which is nearing its “end-of-sale” period. You may want to browse the list for any early music titles that interest you.

(US) ARTEK Mini Festival: "Music of Johann Rosenmüller" (10-11 feb 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 02, 2012
Location: St. Ignatius of Antioch Church, 552 West End Avenue at 87th Street, New York NY, US

Johann Rosenmüller, though born in Germany, worked in Venice as one of the successors of Monteverdi. His vespers music is equally glorious to Monteverdi's own on a grand scale, and his smaller scale music displays some of the finest instrumental virtuosity and melodic fluidity of the 17th century. Pre-concert lecture (included in ticket price) and other related events (Chant Camp with Susan Hellauer of Anonymous 4) will be announced at a later date.”

(US) ARTEK Chant Camp with Susan Hellauer of Anonymous Four (11 feb 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 02, 2012

Location:  Immanuel Lutheran Church,122 East 88th Street, New York NY, US

Chant Camp is a half day session of chant singing, structured around a number of carefully-chosen plainchant topics. Each topic presentation begins with a brief, informative, illustrated lecture, followed by plenty of group singing, to illustrate and permanently “set” the lesson. The workshop ends with a communal chant singing, combining elements of the day’s work, along with extensions and improvisations based on the day’s material.

(NL) Semibrevity "A Blog About Early Music Pioneers" Article: "Arnold Goldsbrough – Yorkshireman, organist, harpsichordist & conductor Part 1" (20 dec 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 01, 2012

From a recent blog post on the Semibrevity website.

“I mentioned in my post on Thurston Dart that I couldn’t find out much about Arnold Goldsbrough, who had been his teacher at the Royal College of Music 1938–9.

Since then I’ve tracked down Arnold’s son, now in his eighties, who has put me onto his dad’s surviving cronies and told me some stories. Through him, one way or another, I now have a great deal of previously unpublished material.


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