My organization/group would like to add a date to the Calendar. How would I/We go about posting this o­n the calendar?

Answer will not create a calendar date for you. If your organization wishes to post a calendar date, you must add the data to the article as well as provide a link to a legitimate site as well as provide a legitimate e-mail address. The date/link must be available for a reasonable period of time so as to provide legitimacy to the item as well as provide our readers with a valid link for their enjoyment. The calendar item must provide information related to the early music field and be of general interest to the public. reserves the right to accept/reject the date submission. will not be held responsible for mis-printed dates or concert ticket prices. The accuracy of information will remain the sole responsibility of the posting group/individual. EarlyMusicNews will endeavour as best as possible, within reasonable time and availability of resources, to verify the accuracy of the dates published.

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