I tried to submit a link to a website under a second heading, since not o­nly does the website relate to a particular category on the "Web Links" page but it has a very extensive links page and would therefore be usefully displayed both in one category and as a "Link to Links". Is it really not possible to have a link in two or more areas? I am sure there are many cases in which this would be relevant.


Unfortunately, the "Links" software used for the "" site does not permit a doubling of entries. For example, in this case, to enter a particular site twice, a complementary entry under the "Links to Links" section linking the "Links" page of the entry would have to be entered. The issue with this however, is that while the official site URL rarely changes in name, the "Links" page could at some point change in name a little more readily. Hence a reluctance for most to avoid linking to specific pages on sites. I am hoping in the near future to revamp this section with a more sophisticated system that could address this issue. It would be preferable at this point to enter the formal URL of the website in question and to provide a more complete description of the advantages of the site in its description. The section where the entry would show on the "Web Links" page should reflect the overall flavour of the "Mission Statement" of the entry in question. (ed.)

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