Submission of News Articles

Submission of News Articles



How do I add a news item?

There are two ways of entering a news item (method 1. is preferable):

  1. Join the membership to the site, enter the news item yourself and be as descriptive as possible. A web link to the original source must accompany your submission. Your item will later be verified, validated and edited and may be altered to follow the site's publication format.

    (This method is the prefered way of submitting your news articles as wishes to promote an active community involvement in the dissemination of early music news.)

  2. Contact the admin to this site and suggest the news item in question. You may address your suggestion to or click o­n the address found in FAQ/Contact section

    All articles must lead to a website. No articles will be accepted where there is no web presence for the article.

Why was my submission not published?

You submission may not have been published for a variety of reasons. Feel free to contact for more information.

My organization would like to publish an article. How do I go about posting it o­n the site? publishes links to news items and will not create a news item for you. If your organization wishes to post an article, you must provide a link to a valid web site where the article has been posted. The article must be available for a reasonable period of time so as to provide legitimacy to the news items as well as provide our readers with a valid link for their enjoyment. The news item must provide information related to the early music field and be of general interest to the public. reserves the right to accept/reject the article submission.

I submitted an article and it was posted. However, I have found an error in the article or I would like to amend the article. How do I do this?

There are 2 ways whereby you can edit the article.

  1. Should you wish to amend the article and add to its content, you can "Comment" o­n the article. You must be a member to comment o­n articles.

  2. Sould you wish to correct an error in the article or part of the article's content need to be modified, you can email and request the amendment. 

A news item appeared on your pages and it listed the wrong date for a concert or event. How can this be changed or corrected?

While tries as best as possible to publish accurate information, from time to time, there may occur errors in articles/links. If an error is found, will publish a corrected version of the article on its pages or a retraction.

However, each article/link carries a link to the originating site of the news/link item and that the originating site is considered the official version from which any reliable information be considered. welcomes any information of any errors appearing on its pages and thanks, in advance, any such from its readers.