Website related questions

Website related questions



I find the font on the website too small to read. Can you increase the size of the font for easier reading?

In Firefox as well as IE v. 7 you may use the combination Control with the + or - key (Ctrl-+ or Ctrl--) to increase or decrease the size of font.

With IE 6.0:
* press and hold the 'Alt' key, then
* type 'V' and 'Z', then
* release 'Alt' key, then
* select the size you want from the list
If you have a scroll wheel o­n your mouse you can also increase and decrease the size of the text by:
* press and hold the "CTRL" key, then move the wheel up and down to change the size of the text.

One of the linked sites is not in English. How could I read what is on that site as it looks interesting?

If you are using Firefox, you may want to try the gTranslate extension. This extension make use of the Google translation services and works well enough.

If you are using IE, you may want to visit the Google site and install the Google Toolbar which has a translation button.

Use these tools at your own risk. (ed.)

I am having problems with the displaying of information on the site. What should I do?

If there are any problems with the functionality of the website, feel free to contact We will try to rectify the problem.

Are there particular issues with Browsers? I am using IE v.7.

Your browser should be, as much as possible, a *W3C compliant browser. Many past versions of IE were not W3C compliant. Newer versions of IE are expected to be WC3 compliant. We recommend the use of Firefox as your browser. See the banner at the bottom of the page for the link to the Firefox download page. Firefox is fully W3C compliant and will render pages appropriately. *The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. (

Have you thought of updating the look of the site or adding graphics/flash etc?

The site has been built deliberately with minimal thematic, image/flash content as the main purpose of the site is the dissemination of EarlyMusicNews related articles as well as tools (weblinks). Our readership should feel comfortable in reaching their particular page destination as well as expect familiar static menus. Speed of access is always a concern, hence our choice of minimizing graphics/ flash content that slow the delivery of our pages. Note that "flash/graphic advertising" from early music groups may eventually appear in the header/footer or left/right banners of the site. Speed of webpage delivery will always be considered in these cases. (ed.)

I would like to join the membership to the site but it says that the "user registration" is closed. How would I go about joining the membership?

User registration is closed at this time. Please email us if you wish to join our membership and to contribute to the site.

Please support your local early music organizations either financially or by volunteering your help. The resulting music is worth the effort. Merry musik making. (Admin)