Submission of Review Materials

Submission of Review Materials



We would like to submit materials for review by EarlyMusicNews.Org. How do we go about sending/mailing the materials to you?

Feel free to contact by email for arrangements as this is the most convenient way to communicate with the site.

EarlyMusicNews.Org form mail


Feel free to mail to the address below if you would prefer to send directly by post.

By Post:

Marc Paré, Editor
623 Bluenose Crescent
Waterloo O­ntario
N2K 4H4

We sent you some materials for review, but have not as yet seen nor read a review on your webpages. How do we go about finding out the status of the review?

EarlyMusicNews.Org cannot guarantee a deadline date of publication for any of the review materials it receives. However, feel free to contact us to verify the status of the review. We will try to accommodate as much as possible the review of any materials that are sent to EarlyMusicNews.Org.