Early Music Concerts 2009-2010

Early Music Concerts 2009-2010: (AR) Ana Paula Segurola Pita and Gabriel Schebor Announce Their European Tour

Contributed by Admin on Apr 23, 2010

Finally, here is the plan of our next European tour.I look forward to meeting you over there, and thank you for sending it to those who may be interested in attending any of the concerts.

Ana Paula & Gabriel
Lausanne, Switzerland 
May 2nd, 15h:
Ana Paula Segurola (fortepiano) & Gabriel Schebor (romantic guitar)
Latin American classical and romantic music
Musée historique de Lausanne
Place de la Cathédrale, 4
Turku, Finland 
May 6th, 18h:
Ana Paula Segurola (organ)
Spanish and Hispanoamerican Baroque music
Turun Mikaelinseurakunta
Eerikinkatu 3, Turku.
May 7th: concert
May 8th: master-class
Gabriel Schebor
Latin American music for baroque and romantic guitars
Utrecht, Holland 
May 15th: master-class
Gabriel Schebor
Füssen, Germany 
May 24th, 11h: concert
Ana Paula Segurola (harpsichord) & Gabriel Schebor (baroque guitar)
"Músicas viajeras": Latin American versions from XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, for keyboard and/or guitar, of European Baroque.
2nd European International Luth Festival
Berlin, Germany 
May 29th: Salonkonzert am Abels
"Músicas viajeras"
May 30th: concert
"Músicas viajeras"
June 5th, 17h:
Dorfkirche Motzen
Karl-Marx-Str.35, Motzen
"Músicas viajeras" 

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