Workshops/Festivals 2009

Workshops/Festivals 2009: (AR) Festival de Clave en la Asociación Cultural Pestalozzi (Nov. 13 - Dec. 4/2009)

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For several years Leopoldo Perez has administered a series of harpsichord concerts and classes ­ sometimes more than a dozen in a season ­ and those concerts have developed an audience, and given harpsichordists from at least four continents a platform in Argentina. Last year a group began  conversations about furthering the influence of the harpsichord and its music and that has resulted in a month-long series of concerts beginning Friday, Nov. 13/2009.

Festival de Clave de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Harpsichord Festival

Harpsichord, clave, clavecin, clavicembalo…

This cycle of 4 concerts, to be held on Fridays from November 13th to December 4th, is an invitation to go through 4 centuries of music for the harpsichord. We will depart from the Renaissance, moving forward to the Baroque and Classicism, and, after its silence during the XIXth century - when the piano took over the scene - we will arrive to the XXth and XXIst centuries… hoping to delight our audience with the music of this and other ages - always present, always ours - just like the harpsichord continues to seduce composers nowadays.

Friday, 13th November, 20:30hs.
Ana Paula Segurola
“Frais et gaillard”: songs and dances, from Renaissance to early Baroque.

Friday, 20th November, 20:30hs.

Gisela Gregori
Hommage to Händel
Matías Targhetta
Bach & Händel

Friday, 27th November, 20:30hs.
Maria de Lourdes Cútolo
Haydn and his time
The harpsichord in the XXIst century: Luis Mucillo
Margaret Irwin-Brandon
Music in the ’64s: music composed or published in …64 (XVIIth to XXth century)

Friday, 4th December, 20:30hs.
Federico Ciancio & Manuel de Olaso
Harpsichord duo (works by F.Couperin, J.S.Bach, Krebs, among others)

Asociación Cultural Pestalozzi
Ramón Freire 1882 - Belgrano R - C.A.B.A.
4552-0670 interno 134 /

For more information visit: Buenos Ayres Clave