Workshops/Festivals 2009

Workshops/Festivals 2009: (CA) Vancouver Early Music Programme & Festival 2009

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An acclaimed series of summer courses and concerts jointly sponsored by Early Music Vancouver & the School of Music, University of British Columbia:

  • July 26 through July 31: Lute Workshop West
    Faculty: Robert Barto; Jacob Heringman; Nigel North; Pat O’Brien; Grant Tomlinson and with the participation of Ray Nurse

  • July 26 through August 7 Baroque Vocal Programme“The Compleat Singer”
         Course co-directors: Ray Nurse & Margret Gries      
           Ellen Hargis voice
           Steven Adby gesture, dance & stage movement
           Ray Nurse vocal coachings, lute, performance practice
           Margret Gries vocal coachings, philosophy, harpsichord
           Michael Jarvis vocal coachings, harpsichord

  • August 9 through August 21: Baroque Instrumental Programme:“The Apotheosis of the French Baroque”

          Course co-directors: Marc Destrubé & Jacques Ogg      
           Marc Destrubé violin
           Wilbert Hazelzet flute
           Jacques Ogg harpsichord & fortepiano
           Jaap ter Linden viola da gamba & cello
           Julie Andrijeski baroque dance & violin
           and with the participation of Ton Amir harpsichord builder & lecturer

  • August 15: Harpsichord Maintenance & Regulation Workshop
    Faculty: Ton Amir harpsichord builder

  • August 15: Historical Dance Workshop for Beginners
    Faculty: Julie Andrijeski dance

  • July 26 through August 21 Vancouver Early Music Festival concerts with members of the Faculties, and several guest artists and ensembles

  • July 27 through August 20:“Early Music in Context” lecture/presentations
    Lecturers: Members of the Faculties, and guests from the academic & early music community
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