Workshops/Festivals 2009

Workshops/Festivals 2009: (DE) Early Music Workshop Trossingen (Oct. 8-11, 2009)

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Hochschule Trossingen (the largest Early Music department in Germany) is accepting applications for the "Atelier for Early Music 2009" Masterclasses untill September 4, 2009. This short but intensive workshop is a great opportunity to meet teachers, explore the comprehensive facilities, play upon a first-rate collection of early instruments, and become inspired once again with music.
The Masterclasses of the "Atelier for Early Music 2009" of the Institute for Early Music in Trossingen will take place from the 8-11 of October 2009. The theme of this year’s Masterclasses is Music between ca.1790 and ca.1830 - the transition of pre-classical to classical and to early romantic style. In this period the transition did not only present itself in new compositional styles but also in changes made to the instruments, whether with different bows on string instruments, adding key systems to the wind instruments, or the great development in keyboard building: the transition from harpsichord to fortepiano.

In Masterclasses with the renowned team of teachers of the Institute for Early Music in Trossingen, as well as with guest teachers, students and advanced amateurs are invited to present solo- and chamber music from this period. To name just a few composers: late C.Ph.E.Bach, W.F.Bach, J.Haydn, Cannabich, W.A.Mozart, Eckart, Vanhal, Kozeluh, L.v.Beethoven, Salieri, Clementi, Reichardt, Kalkbrenner, Krommer, Reicha, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Ries...

There will also be some interesting lectures by Dr. Kay Köpp and Paul McNulty, as well as a concert by Viviana Sofronitzki and Sergei Istomin.

Instruments to be used in the masterclasses are original or copies of historical instruments. Pitches mostly 415 and 430 Hz.

The teachers are:  

Marieke Spaans - Harpsichord
Anton Steck - Violin, Viola
María Cristina Kiehr - Chant
Linde Brunmayr-Tutz - Travers flute
Ernst Schlader - Clarinet
Eckart Lenzing - Bassoon
Michael Höltzel - Natural horn
Christian Niedling - Violoncello
Wolfgang Brunner - Fortepiano
Eduardo Bellotti - Clavichord, Organ

Three correpetitors will be available to help out during the Masterclasses.

Deadline for application: 4th of september 2009 !!! Send an email to Mrs. Schwegler: or visit website for more information: