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Competitions 2012: (SE) EAR-ly 2012: "Second Nordic Young Early Music Ensemble Competition 2012" (Application Deadline: 27 feb 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Feb 22, 2012

“The first edition of EAR-ly was organised as a national competition in Sweden in June 2008 by Stockholm Early Music Festival. The winner was Duo Ferrara. Since 2010 the competition is a Nordic event arranged by NORDEM. In 2010, an international jury headed by Ton Koopman appointed Norwegian Cornett & Sackbuts was appointed the winning ensemble.

The competition EAR-ly is arranged every second year by NORDEM in one of the Nordic countries, hosted by one of the federation’s member festivals. NORDEM sees EAR-ly as a way of encouraging the formation of new early music ensembles and of stimulating interest in the genre among music students throughout the Nordic countries.

Selection and classification of competition entries will occur in two stages: one through the submission of a recording, and one through a final round in June 2012, where three selected ensembles will take part in a public concert at the Vestfold International Festival.

Early music is here defined as repertoire from antiquity to the end of the 18th century. Emphasis on the earlier repertoire is encouraged. Selection criteria are quality, knowledge of style, authenticity, and, in the final round, artistry.

The final round will be held in Tønsberg as a public concert in June 2012 during the Vestfold International Festival. Preliminary date 25/26 June.

Visit the Second Nordic Young Early Music Ensemble Competition 2012 website for more information.