Early Music Concerts 2013-2014

Early Music Concerts 2013-2014: (UK) Cambridge Early Music Concert: "Les Haulz et les Bas" (03 Jan 2014)

Contributed by admin on Dec 27, 2013

Location: Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge, UK

"Our next concert is only a week away: Les Haulz et les Bas are travelling over from Germany to be with us on Friday 3rd January for a programme of New Year revelry.  With shawms, bagpipes, slide trumpet, dulcimer, fiddle, harp and voice they will be conjuring up the sounds of the late Middle Ages with music by Landini, Ciconia and Dufay.  Let their “laser-beam tuning and atomic clock timing” blow away the cobwebs and fill you with vigour for 2014! ...

Ian Harrison and Gesine Bänfer (shawms, bagpipes, fiddle, dulcimer), David Yacus (buisine and slide trumpet) and Miriam Andersén (voice and harp) present a new year programme of late medieval music for the loud and soft bands.

Les Haulz et les Bas play music of the alta capella, the 'loud' wind ensemble of the middle ages and Renaissance. The ensemble's work has achieved international acclaim: they have won prizes at several international competitions and they are regularly present at Europe's most prestigious Early Music Festivals. "

Visit the Cambridge Early Music website for more information of the event and of ticket price/availability. Also visit the "Les Haulz et les Bas" website for more information of this fine ensemble and of any other upcoming concert.