Conferences 2010

Conferences 2010: (US) American Innovators Series, 2009 Wright State Department of Music -- Call for papers (March 13-14, 2010)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 06, 2009

“The colloquium on Ben Johnston and the American Just Microtonal Tradition seeks a  wide range of approaches to the music of Ben Johnston and composers closely associated with him.  Analyses of specific works, broader discussions of Johnston's career and output, papers focusing on issues of performance practice, and historical/philosophical discussions of the American just microtonal tradition are all welcome areas of focus.
A second colloquium, Tuning Practices since 1750 will be held in honor of Owen Jorgensen. Questions concerning tuning practices before 1750 have been carefully explored over the last generation of scholarship, but tuning practices between about 1750 and the advent of recordings have received little serious scholarly attention. This gap is all the more puzzling, in that the core repertory of the Classical concert tradition was created in this period. Owen Jorgensen's two major works on historical piano tunings are core contributions to research into tuning practices prior to 1900, but after some two decades his research has still not been adequately discussed in the academic literature.  

This colloquium will welcome a wide variety of approaches. Possible topics include:

  •  - the comprehensiveness and reliability of existing research, including Jorgensen's tuning practices in different instrument families, performance traditions, and geographical regions 
  • - patterns and tendencies of historical change in tuning practices 
  • - ramifications of recent research into historical tunings for performance practice, analysis, cognition, and aesthetics 
  • - new avenues of research

Presenters are welcome to take part in both events, but are not required to do so. All conference participants are invited as guests to the Sunday afternoon concert and presentations by John Schneider and Prof. Larkowski. ..“

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