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Reviews 2010-2011: (US) Opera Today DVD Review: "Wilhelm Friedemann Bach Cantatas" (Reviewed by: Steven Plank) (22 Dec 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 29, 2011

In Wilhelm Weitsch’s well-known painting of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, the eldest son of Johann Sebastian seems far distant from the cantorial world of his father.

His hat and fur-lined coat suggest a degree of fashionability, his posture is relaxed and at ease, his eyes seem soft and his smile is warm—perhaps even inwardly amused. Little of this suggests the earnestness of his father’s Lutheran orthodoxy nor the serious striving of his father’s musical endeavors. Yet, …“

Bachchor Mainz; L’arpa festante; Dorothee Mields, soprano; Gerhild Romberger, alto; Georg Poplutz, tenor; Klaus Mertens, bass; Ralf Otto, Director. Recorded live at the St. Augustine's Church, Mainz, 1 June 2010. Accentus Music ACC-20103 [DVD]

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