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Reviews 2010-2011: (US) Review: Indy Early Music's '¡Sacabuche!' by Tom Aldridge (NUVO, Indy's Alternative Choice, Indianapolis) (25 jul 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Sep 28, 2011

“"Sacabuche" is Spanish for "sackbut," which is the Renaissance version of the trombone, a featured instrument in this 17-performer group, their program entitled, Matteo Ricci: His Map and Music. A famous Italian cartographer, Ricci journeyed to China and in 1602 completed a map of the world, including the Americas, while residing in Beijing.

Sacabuche celebrated the event in music and narrative, combining mostly 16th-century European Renaissance music with two traditional Chinese selections while bookending the program with contemporary pieces by Huang Ruo (b. 1976). …“

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