(CZ) Festival Opera Barocca 2015 (14 Aug - 6 Sep 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 19, 2015

(From a recent Opera Barocca newsletter)

Online ticket purchases are now open for the Festival Opera Barocca 2015.  "This year for the fifth year in succession the otherwise silent Courtyard of the Clam-Gallas Palace will light up in the middle of August with the magical atmosphere of the Baroque stage, which may come across as something mysterious or exotic, but can generate fascination and emotions, and provide an unforgettable experience for all visitors of any age. ...

(UK) The Guardian Article: "I'm an artist and I've received grants ..." (Zoë Coombs Marr, 18 Jun 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 19, 2015

Not of early music, but, still a good commentary on the state of an artist's mind with regards to funding of the arts.

"Want to know what I do with all that money?  ...

(UK) London Festival of Baroque Music (LFBM) 2015 ~ Thanks All

Contributed by admin on Jun 11, 2015

(From a recent LFBM newsletter)

"The 2015 London Festival of Baroque Music is now over. The harpsichords have been carted away, the theorbos put back in their cases, and the sopranos gone for a well-earned lie down. The Friends’ Drinks cabinet has been locked up for another year, and everyone has had a chance to think about ‘non-baroque’ music for a little while. ...

(CA) Tafelmusik: Administrative Leader Announcement (10 Jun 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 11, 2015

(From a recent news release from Tafelmusik Orchestra)

"Toronto (Canada), June 10, 2015 ... Helen Polatajko, Chair of the Board of Directors of Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir, is delighted to announce the appointment of William Norris to the position of Managing Director. William comes to Tafelmusik from the one of the UK’s leading period music ensembles, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE), where he is Communications & Creative Programming Director. ...

(IT) 47th Early Music and Dance Course in Urbino (19-28 Jul 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 09, 2015

Location: Urbino, Italy

"This year we will offer new opportunities for all musicians, both amateurs and professionals. First of all we recommend the Choir course held by Alessandro Quarta, aimed at staging an outstanding program planned at the end of the course including concertato psalms and motets by Händel, Scarlatti, Bencini and other wonderful unknown works." and ...

(UK) Dancing Around 1815 with Stuart Marsden, Isabel Suri, Anne Daye (24 Jul - 1 Aug 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 09, 2015

Location: Chichester University, Bishop Otter Campus, Chichester, PO19 6PE

Booking period extended!

"With 1815 as a pivotal year for dance in Europe, this course will explore the lively and sociable ballroom around 1815 with leading experts of dance and music: Anne Daye, Stuart Marsden & Chris Green.  ..." The workshop includes dance courses and musicians courses.


Contributed by admin on Jun 09, 2015

(From the latest Concerto Romano newsletter)

Concerto Romano announces its summer destination or more aptly described as a tour. Here are the details of their interesting destinations in Europe:

  • Rome 8 June 2015
  • Styriarte (Austria) 13 July 2015
  • Herrenchiemsee Festspiele (Germany) 15 July 2015
  • RheinVokal (Germany) 19 July 2015
  • Stift Altenburg (Austria) 15 August 2015


(UK) Gramaphone Article: "Apple launches streaming service" (by Martin Cullingford, 8 Jun 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 09, 2015

Apple makes news this week announcing its new streaming service called "Apple Music". Apple now joins the growing list of businesses offering online streaming of their music catalogues. How does this matter to the audiophiles in the world of classical music is taken up by Martin Cullingford in ...

(US) Harmonia Early Music: "Bach’s Last Student" (by Janelle Davis June 5, 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 09, 2015

(From the latest newsletter from Harmonia Early Music)

"Bach mentored over 80 students not the least of them his own sons. Bach’s very last student though was one he taught on his deathbed: Johann Gottfried Müthel. ...

(UK) Stile Antico CD Release: "Sing with the Voice of Melody" (Harmonia Mundi, 9 Jun 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 09, 2015

"To celebrate Stile Antico’s tenth anniversary as a professional ensemble, Harmonia Mundi has released this special compilation of music drawn from the group’s first nine recordings. The twelve members of the group have each chosen a single track, and written ...

(FR) Frank Mento: "Harpsichord Training Method"

Contributed by admin on Jun 06, 2015

(From a recent email from Frank Mento)

"Here is an online harpsichord method for children and even all beginners! It was while teaching harpsichord in Education Action Zones (UK), or in Affirmative Action Areas (USA), that I noticed that a great effort still remained necessary to make the learning of this instrument accessible. The goal of this method is to favorize in a pleasant manner the learning and localization of the most commonly played notes, motor skills, as well as hand coordination and displacement by way of Basso Continuo, Diminutions, Articulations and Sight-reading.  ...

(US) Early Music America "Barbara Thornton Memorial Scholarship" Award 2015

Contributed by admin on Jun 06, 2015

Early Music America (EMA) announces this year's recipient of the "Barbara Thornton Memorial Scholarship" Award 2015 to Ama Winter, flautist and scholar. The award is offered to "outstanding and highly-motivated (and possibly unconventional) young performer of medieval music who ...

(FR) La Compagnie du Globe Ardèche Workshop: Opera "Ercole Amante" by Francesco Cavalli (1662) (20-27 Aug 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 06, 2015

 La Compagnie du Globe Ardèche offers a workshop on the production and staging of the opera "Ercole Amante" by Francesco Cavalli (1662) in August. Faculty include ...

(FR) Jean-Philippe Rameau Excerpts on ARTE Concert

Contributed by admin on Jun 06, 2015

"Last year, ARTE Concert celebrated the 250th anniversary of the composer's death. Born under Louis XIV in 1683, two years before Bach and Handel, ...

(FR) La Simphonie du Marais – Hugo Reyne ~ Crowd Funding on KissKissBankBank for Next CD Release

Contributed by admin on Jun 06, 2015

For its next CD release of the Bandenburg Concertos, La Simphonie du Marais – Hugo Reyne has posted to the KissKissBankBank crowd funding site. They hope to have to CD released sometime in the Fall of 2015 ...

(US) Boston Early Music Festival Update (7-14 Jun 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 05, 2015

Here is the latest news from the BEMF:

"The 2015 Boston Early Music Festival is almost here! This week-long, biennial event - with opera, concerts, the world-famous Exhibition, and so much more - opens on Sunday, June 7, 2015. Tickets are selling fast so don't miss out ...

(DE) Summer School Master Classes 'alla Bastarda' (22-28 Aug 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 05, 2015

"A Renaissance Summer School Master Class for advanced players. You can register only if you did take part in the Renaissance week. Join our truely international faculty to explore the art of diminutions: ...

(DE) Renaissance Summer School (16-22 Aug 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 05, 2015

"Finally - there it is! A Renaissance Music Summer School for advanced players and professional Musicians in a wonderful little pocket of Northern Germany. A truely international faculty will help you to explore the most famous tunes from the 16th century: "Doulce Memoire - Anchor che col partire - Vestiva i colli - Susanne Ung Jour" ...

(US) 17th Summer Texas Toot (7-13 Jun 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 05, 2015

"The Summer Texas Toot offers a one-week program of classes at all levels, focusing on Renaissance and Baroque music, but with offerings for Medieval and 21st century enthusiasts as well. Expert instructors in recorder, viol, lute, harp, and voice will tend to young professionals, seasoned amateurs, and eager beginners with equal care.  ...

(FR) Festival La Tour Passagère (15 Jun - 15 Jul 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 05, 2015

"Jerome Salord, the artistic director of the Festival La Tour Passagère, chose this wooden tower, which is inspired by places where one was at the theatre in  Shakespeare's time. In this serene space, the public makes a circle around artists who are always close, no matter where it is placed, ...

(CA) Use of Supertitles in Opera Houses -- The Debate Rages On

Contributed by admin on Jun 05, 2015

Recently there have been hot debates on the use of supertitles in opera houses, and, more in particular, whether they have helped grow audience or whether they have affected negatively the original intent of opera being rooted in music. In the following two articles, Fred Plotkin and Cori Ellison present their arguments ...

(UK) 17th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music (13-17 Jul 2016)

Contributed by admin on Jun 04, 2015

Location: Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury Christ Church University is "thrilled to be hosting the 17th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music in July 2016. Since it began in the 1980s the conference has become a renowned and widely recognised musicological event, focusing on all aspects of Baroque music and providing a platform for both long established and emerging scholars.  ...


Contributed by admin on Jun 04, 2015

Keep up to early music news from the international scene with

" aims to support all those who are engaged in some way to early music (teachers, ensembles, musicians, directors, organizers, performers ...) always spreading their work and helping in any way possible. ...

(DE) EUROPAMUSICALE Festival: "Musica Sacra" (07-21 Jun 2015)

Contributed by admin on Jun 03, 2015

Region of Lower Bavaria from 07-21 June 2015
Western Bohemia from June to August 2015

The EUROPAMUSICALE Festival "Musica Sacra" proposes a reflection of  the development of sacred music in Europe and of its influence on later artistic work to contemporary music. ...

(NL) Brill Recent Book Release: "The Book Trade in the Italian Renaissance" (Angela Nuovo. Translated by Lydia G. Cochrane)

Contributed by admin on Jun 03, 2015

Although not of early music in topic, this book title may answer some questions on how the book trade worked in Renaissance Italy.  ( Editor)

"This work offers the first English-language survey of the book industry in Renaissance Italy. Where traditional accounts of the book in the Renaissance celebrate authors and literary achievement, this study examines the nuts and bolts of a rapidly expanding trade that built on existing economic practices while developing new mechanisms in response to political and religious realities. Approaching the book trade from the perspective of its publishers and booksellers, this archive-based account ...

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