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(US) Harmonia Early Music: "Dancing In The Court Of The Sun King" By Laura Osterlund (18 December 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Jan 09, 2012
“During the 17th century, Versailles was an oasis of baroque opulence and artistic splendour.  Louis XIV, le Roi-Soleil (or “the sun king”), saw to it that his palace set the standard for magnificence.  Every wall was weighed down with artwork, and within those walls, music and dance enjoyed a prominent and lively place. …

(UK) Handel House - Looking Back on 2011

Contributed by Admin on Jan 01, 2012
“… we at Handel House reflect on the amazing year we have had. The main highlight – and milestone – has been our 10th anniversary year. To celebrate we had some very special performances from Richard Egarr with his English suites by Bach and Handel and the London Handel Players in residence performing 8 concerts over 4 days. Not to forget Composer-in-Residence Kerry Andrew's series which included a wonderful event which saw the bed in Handel’s bedroom dressed beautifully with a ribbon score as if all his musical ideas were spilling out uncontrollably.

(BE) Capilla Flamenca Newsletter (19 Dec 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 30, 2011

The latest newsletter from Capilla Flamenca brings news of well-deserved awards for the group:

DIAPASON D'OR for “Flemish Polyphony”
PRIX CHOC for “Heinrich Isaac, Ich muss dich lassen”

(US) Harmonia Early Music: "Seasonal Settings And Angelic Appearances" By Laura Osterlund (19 December 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 30, 2011
“It’s time to celebrate the holidays with a selection of motets based on chants for the Christmas season!  Our first chant is Puer natus est nobis, a Introit that celebrates Christ’s birth. Its text reads: “A Child is born to us, and a Son is given to us: Whose government is upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called, the Angel of the Great Counsel.”

(CA) Arion Orchestre Baroque Wishes of Christmas

Contributed by Admin on Dec 24, 2011

“Arion Orchestre Baroque would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with music! They also send a link to“Michel Corrette: Symphonie des Noëls #2 en ré majeur, mvt 1 (Allegro)” for your enjoyment pleasure on this very day.

Merci Arion!

For more information on the group, visit the Arion Orchestre Baroque website.

(US) The Countertenor Voice: An Online Journal (Latest Issue) (Dec 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 24, 2011
“Hello Dear Readers,

We have been hibernating for the past month or so, but will return in force mid-January with more articles and reviews!

(US) Smithsonian Folkways Magazine — Dispatches from Latin America (Fall 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 17, 2011

(Although not specifically of early music content, this issue of the Smithsonian’s magazine: Folkways Magazine writes of Latin American traditional music. You may be interested in reading some of the articles. -- Ed.)

The new issue of  Smithsonian Folkways Magazine explores contemporary expressions of traditional music from Latin America: (summary of articles follows)

(US) Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal: Award for the Best Article $1000.

Contributed by Admin on Dec 15, 2011

“The founding editors at the University of Maryland have established an award for the best article in each issue that carries a prize of $1000.”

 Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal is the only journal devoted solely to the interdisciplinary and global study of women and gender during the years 1400 to 1700. Each volume gathers essays on early modern women from every country and region, by scholars from a wide range of academic disciplines, including art history, cultural studies, music, history, political science, religion, theatre, history of science, and history of philosophy.

(DE) Munich Digitization Center

Contributed by Admin on Dec 13, 2011
“Munich Digitization Center (MDZ) handles the digitization and online publication of the cultural heritage preserved by the Bavarian State Library and by other institutions. It provides one of the largest and fastest growing digital collections in Germany, now comprising 615,523 titles available online. Access is free of charge!

(US) Society for American Music, New Membership Category for Non-Academic Institutions (Announced 15 Nov 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 11, 2011
“The Society for American Music is pleased to announce a new membership category for non-academic institutions. The Non-Academic Institutional Affiliate membership is designed to heighten the interaction between the broad base of our membership, which is primarily academic, and non-academic constituencies.

Early Music Groups and Year End Funding Drives

Contributed by Admin on Dec 10, 2011

It is again that time of year when we should all take a little time to reflect on the joy and pleasures we have gained from our local early music groups, musicians and associations. While many of these are driven by a collected sense of volunteerism, I believe we are all too well aware that without any kind of financial backing, many of our concerts and venues would no doubt disappear.

It is then, at this time of year, when the year end is near, that we should contemplate helping our local early music groups generously or even “mildly generously” with their funding drives. No amount is too small to give. You may also find that some government incentives may reward your philanthropic gesture on your year’s income tax filings (check with your government tax rules, as these differ from country to country).

Please do give generously to your local early music groups and also consider volunteering your help. After all, we all gain from a healthy and strong local early music scene.

With many thanks for your generosity. May you all have a great December month of concerts.

Marc Paré

(UK) AWARD: Donald Tovey Memorial Prize, University of Oxford, Faculty of Music

Contributed by Admin on Dec 09, 2011


The Board of the Faculty of Music [Oxford University] proposes to award the Donald Tovey Memorial Prize in 2012. The prize (which will be of the value of £2,000 but may be augmented should the need arise, at the discretion of the Board) is open to men and women without regard to nationality, age, or membership of a university.

(UK) Early Music Performer: Call for article submissions

Contributed by Admin on Dec 09, 2011

(News item posted on the “Society for Seventeenth Century Music (SSCM)” list in October 2011 -- ed.)

Call for article submissions: Early Music Performer, the journal of the National Early Music Association (UK)

The bi-annual journal Early Music Performer is a valued publication in the field of performance practice research edited by Dr Andrew Woolley. With contributions by leading performers and scholars, reports, news items, and reviews, it appeals to a broad spectrum of early music lovers, students, musicians and academics with interests in the performance practice of any period and early music.

(US) Latest GEMS Newsletter: Grant Match and Goal, Concert Listings ...

Contributed by Admin on Dec 09, 2011

The latest Gotham Early Music Scene “GEMS” is out and makes note of its progress of $20,000 challenge grant awarded GEMS by the La Salle Adams Funds.  The Fund has given the group until December 31, 2011 to raise the matching $20,000, providing GEMS with much-needed funding for its coming season. Please consider donating to this worthy cause, especially if you are resident of the New York City area.

Other news of the myriad of great concert dates in December and its exciting line-up of repertoire. 

(FR) Jean Cassignol: Catalogue recorder/ transverse flute and guitar

Contributed by Admin on Dec 06, 2011
From a recent posting on the recorder list, Jean Cassignol informs us that: “A detailed catalogue  of the recorder / transverse flute and guitar duets Michel Demarez and I issued at IDM Arpèges, Lafitan, Hofmeister and Gilgenreiner is available free of charge from me.

(UK) Oxford University Press Newsletter: "Holiday Sale"

Contributed by Admin on Dec 05, 2011

Oxford University Press is holding a “Holiday Sale” on various books. You may want to take a look and see if there are any music titles that may be of interest to you. (ed.)

“Don’t get left behind! Visit Oxford’s 2011 Holiday Sale and save up to 65% on our bestselling titles. This is the perfect time to get that title you’ve had your eye on all year.

Now, you can flip through the catalog online.We’ve made it even easier for you enjoy the savings!”

(US) The Archimedes Palimpsest Project

Contributed by Admin on Dec 03, 2011
Welcome. The subject of this website is a manuscript of extraordinary importance to the history of science, the Archimedes Palimpsest. This thirteenth century prayer book contains erased texts that were written several centuries earlier still. These erased texts include two treatises by Archimedes that can be found nowhere else, The Method and Stomachion.

(IT) New Scholarship Announcement at the Vittore Branca Center (Deadline: 31 Jan 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 03, 2011
“The new scholarship announcement related to the Vittore Branca Center is now available on our web site. The Vittore Branca International Center for the Study of Italian Culture is a new international resource for humanities studies open - with no age limits - to scholars, writers and artists interested in pursuing a research project focused on Italian (especially Venetian) culture, in one of the following disciplines: visual arts, history, literature, music, drama, early printed books.

(UK) The English Concert: The Annual Big Give Christmas Challenge (5-9 Dec 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 01, 2011

The annual Big Give Christmas Challenge doubles online donations to charities during Big Give week. 

In the 2010 Challenge, our Trustees, Friends, Patrons and Supporters helped us raise £120,000 for our highly successful 2011 Spitalfields Festival residency.  We were deeply grateful and deeply touched by such amazing generosity from so many people, who donated sums ranging from £5 to £5000, each doubled by the Big Give. 

(UK) The Telegraph: Mad Cow Disease Fears Over Violin Strings Threatens Works of Handel and Bach (By Adam Lusher 27 Nov 2011)

Contributed by Admin on Nov 28, 2011
“Musicians have warned that the works of Purcell, Handel, Vivaldi and Bach may never again be heard as their composers intended – because of EU rules to stop people catching "mad cow disease" from their instruments.

(US) Instrument Collection Available for Sale

Contributed by allinsts on Nov 23, 2011
Reminder that the S. Glickman Collection of Early Istruments is for sale. You may visit the website and view the many musical instruments still available for sale. Visit the  website for more information.

(US) Unquiet Thoughts [blog]: Means & Ends: Transparency in performance

Contributed by Admin on Nov 22, 2011
“ … In very readable prose, [Bruce] Haynes traces the evolution of period performance and asks several questions about the goals of today’s performers of historical music, and also about the ‘authenticity’ of trying to recreate sounds we really have no way of imagining. 

(UK) BBC Radio 3 Early Music: "A Hidden Faith"

Contributed by Admin on Nov 22, 2011
On this edition of the BBC Radio 3 Early Music programme, “Catherine Bott explores the three settings of the Mass written by William Byrd.“

(AT) Mayler Artists´Management News: "Dame Emma Kirkby received Royal Award (02 jun 2011)"

Contributed by Admin on Nov 20, 2011

(For those who missed this … Editor)

“M.A.M. artist Dame Emma Kirkby has been awarded Her Majesty’s Medal for Music for the Year 2010. 2 June 2011 Dame Emma Kirkby was received by The Queen when Her Majesty presented her with The Queen's Medal for Music. Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, current Master of The Queen's Music was present.

(UK) British Library: "Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination" (11 nov 2011-13 mar 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Nov 19, 2011
(* reposted -- ed.)
“Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination is the British Library’s first major exhibition to bring together the Library’s Royal collection, a treasure trove of illuminated manuscripts collected by the kings and queens of England between the 9th and 16th centuries. This dazzling exhibition will debunk the myth that these were ‘the Dark Ages’ by showcasing beautiful artistic artefacts.
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