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(US) Research Grants for 2012 for Members of the Renaissance Society of America (Deadline: 31 Dec 2012)

Contributed by Admin on Dec 04, 2011

Required application materials include a project description (no longer than 1,000 words), a budget, and a CV. Letters of recommendation are not required and are not accepted. All applicants must renew RSA membership for 2012 (renew starting 1 November for 2012 membership). See below for additional membership criteria and criteria for specific grants.

The Renaissance Society of America will award eighteen grants in the year 2012.

The grants are:
  • RSA Research Grants (9 grants)
  • Rensselaer W. Lee Memorial Grant in Art History (1 grant)
  • Paul Oskar Kristeller Memorial Grant (1 grant)
  • Bodleian Library Research Grant (1 grant)
  • Patricia H. Labalme Grant (1 grant)
  • Samuel H. Kress Foundation Grant in Renaissance Art History (5 Grants)